Greek myth test

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in what practice do the flower myths of hyacinth and adonis probably have their rootshuman sacrifice
how does phyche betray eros she tried to kill him
what famous couple does the story of pyramus and thisbe most closely resemble romeo and juliet
how does signy avenge her fathers deathlockeing her husband and their children in a burning house
what are hercules task the twelve labors an the twelve flonders
from which three goddesses does paris have to choose the fairest aphrodite hera and athena
whose heart does aeneas break dido
of what city is aeneas considered the real founder rome
in norse mythology on what day is the world designed to end ragnarok
with whose held does clytemnestra slaught her husband agamemenmaegisthus
who is the goddess of magic the mist and crossroads hecate
who is the god of sleep and dreamshypnos
which god is the father of pegasus and the golden boy poseidon
which three major goddesses are sworn to maiden hood artemis athena and hestia
without whose help would jason not have gotten the golden fleece medeas
in greek mythology who was the first women on earth pandora
who had the face that launched a thousand ships helen

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