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Greek Info

Updated 2008-04-24 19:37

Greek Info

Who, What or WhereDefenition
SophoclesGreek Tragedy writer
SophistsNo absolute right or wrong
Mount OlympusWhere the greek gods live
PythagorasBelieved that the world was based on music and numbers
Alexander the GreatCommander of army at 16 and King at 20
StoicsHappiness because of your duty
MacedoniaGreeks northern neighbor
MythStories about gods and heroes


Who, What or WhereDefenition
Helenistic EraTime when greek culture spread throughout the world
ThucydidesGreatest Historian and was sent to exile after losing a battle
ArchimedesMost famous scientist
PlatoSocrates Students
RitualsGreeks performed to earn favors from the Greek gods
EuclidMost famous greek mathmatician
Philip IImacedonia king who loved greek culture
IliadTrojan War
AthenaGoddess of wisdom and Crafts
HerodothusTried to separate fact from legend and wrote about the trojan war