Greek Gods (All)

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Gods and their symbols

Question Answer
ZeusEagle and Thunderbolt
HeraPeacock sceptor
PoseidonTrident and Horse
DemeterSheath of grain
AthenaOwl, Olive tree Shield
AphroditeMytertle and dove
HaphaestusFire, axe, pincers, hammer
ApolloLyre, bow lute
ArtemisBow and deer
Dionysusgrape vine
Hermes, winged sandals

Gods and their roles

Question Answer
ZeusGod of Sky, Storms, Thunder, Lightning
HeraGoddess of Marriage and Motherhood childbirth
PoseidonGod of Seas, Earthquakes and horses
Demeter Goddess of Agriculture, responsible for harvest
AresGod of war and violence
Athena Crafts, domestic arts, wisdom and war
Aphrodite Love, beauty and fertility
HaphaestusFire, craftspeople metal workers and artisans
Apollo Sun, music, poetry, fine arts, medicine
ArtemisHunting, woods, midwifery and moon
DionysusWine, joy, ritual madness and festivities
Hermes Trade and commerce, travellers and thieves
Haydes King of Underworld and God of Afterworld
Hestia Goddess of heart, home and community.

Gods and their families

Question Answer
ZeusBrother of Hera, Demeter, Haydes, Poseidon,
HeraSister of Zeus, Demeter, Haydes, Poseidon,
PoseidonBrother of Zeus, Demeter, Haydes, Hera,
Demeter Sister of Zeus, Posedion, Haydes, Hera, Mother of Persephone
AresSon of Zeus and Hera, Brother of Hephaestus
Athena Born from head of Zeus
Aphrodite Daughter of Zeus, Wife of Hephaestus, Mother of Eros (father may have been Ares)
HaphaestusSon of Zeus and Hera, Brother of Ares
Apollo son of Zeus, Twin brother of Apollo
ArtemisDaughter of Zeus, Twin sister of Apollo
DionysusSon of Zeus
Hermes Son of Zeus
Haydes Son of Chronos and Rhea, Brother to Zeus, Poseidon, Hera, Demeter
Hestia unknown