Greece Unit Test Review

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Question Answer
What is a democracy? (Who has the power?)A form of government by the people (the people have the power)
What is a monarchy (Who has the power? How did they get the power?)A form of government where one person has the power (they usually inherit their power from their parent)
What is a tyranny? (Who has the power? How did they get the power?)A form of government where one person illegally seizes control (they are supported by the people at first until they become harsh and the people rebel)
What is an oligarchy? (Who has the power? How did they get the power?)A form of government where a few, wealthy men (aristocrats) have the power
What form of government did Athens have?Democracy
What form of government did Sparta have?Oligarchy
What is Confucianism?"The teachings of Confucius emphasizing love for humanity; high value given to learning and to devotion to family (including ancestors); peace; justice; influenced the traditional culture of China..." Confucius believed that if you taught people how to behave properly, they would.
Socrates believed that people would naturally act correctly when they are informed/taught. What philosophy is simliar to this?Confucianism
The ancient Greek people were very isolated because of the number of seas, mountains, and islands. What was an effect of this?They developed a strong culture and identified themselves by their city-state. (They would say "I'm an Athenian" instead of saying "I'm a Greek.")
The Mycenaean's invaded which city-state during the Trojan War with a large, wooden horse?Troy
What is the Hellenistic Age? When did it occur?The Hellenistic Age occurred after Alexander the Great died. His empire was split into three kingdoms, was ruled by his commanders, and Greek culture dominated.
Why did the Greeks play the Olympics every four years? (Who were they trying to please?)They thought that the Olympics pleased and entertained Zeus.
What are the 4 types of literature developed by the ancient Greeks?Poetry, tragic plays (tragedies), comedic plays (comedies), and fables/myths
What 2 city-states fought in the Peloponnesian War? Who won?Athens and Sparta; Sparta won
What did Sparta think was the purpose of education?They thought that the purpose of education was to produce capable men and women who could fight to protect the city-state.
What is Polytheism?Belief in many gods
What is Monotheism?Belief in one god
What term describes the ancient Greek's belief system?Polytheism
Alexander the Great encouraged a mixture of customs in his empire. What term is this an example of?Cultural diffusion
What is Cultural Diffusion?The spread of ideas/culture
What is Regional Specialization?The product or skill that a region is known for (Example: Maryland's regional specialization is crabs.)
What was Greece's regional specialization?Olives and grapes (or olive oil and wine)

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