GRE vocabulary

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Section 1

Question Answer
IneluctableInescapable, unavoidable
Invidiousaction likely to arouse anger in others
Plangentnoise, resounding loudly, often melancholy
nugatoryNo value or importance
Denouementfinal part of story, ties ends together, climax
Pedantictoo concerned with small details or formalisms
AntediluvianBefore the biblical flood
PusillanimousShowing a lack of courage, timid
Jejunechildish, naive, superficial

Section 2

Question Answer
AqueousSolution in which the solvent is water
DiscordanceDisagrement, discord, conflicting, harsh in sound
Disencumberto relieve, unburden, alleviate
AntedatesCome before
Superannuationregular payment into a pension
Senescencecondition or process of deterioration with age
TruculenceQuick to anger, aggressively defiant
VoraciousInsatiable appetite for an activity or pursuit

Section 3

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Aberrantdeviating from norms
AlacrityEager and enthusiastic willingness
Approbationan expression of approval
ArduousStrenuous, taxing
Assageto ease, pacify
Austerewithout adornment, bare, simple
AxiomaticGiven, possessing self-evident truth
CanonicalFollowing in agreement with accepted, traditional standards
CapriciousErratic, unpredictable
Censureto criticize severely, officially rebuke
chicanerytrickery, subterfuge
DisabuseTo set right, to undeceive

Section 4

Question Answer
Disparatefundamentally distinct or dissimilar
Effronteryextreme boldness, presumptuousness
Enervateto weaken, reduce in vitality
EnnuiDissatisfaction resulting from boredom or apathy
EquivocateTo use ambiguous language with intent to deceive
Exculpateexonerate, to clear blame
ExigentUrgent, requiring immediate attention
ExtemporaneousImprovised, done without preparation
FulminateTo loudly attack or denounce
IngenuousFrank and candid, lacking sophistication
InuredAccustomed to accepting something undesirable
IrascibleEasily angered, prone to temperamental outbursts
Laudto praise highly

Section 5

Question Answer
Magnanimityquality of being noble and pure of head and heart, especially in forgiveness
NascentComing into being, in early developmental stages
Nebulousvague, cloudy, lacking a clearly defined form.
neologismA new word, espression or usage, creation of new senses
NoxiousHarmful, injurious
ObviateTo anticipate and make unnecessary
OnerousTroubling burdensome
PaeanA song of praise and thanksgiving
PerennialRecurrent through the year or many years
Perfidyintentional breach of faith, treachery
PerfunctoryDone without care or interest
PerspicaciousAcutely perceptive, keen discernment
PrattleBabble meaninglessly

Section 6

Question Answer
Precipitateto cause or happen before anticipated
PredilectionA disposition in favor of something, preference
PrescienceAcutely perceptive, keen discernment
PrevaricateTo deliberately avoid the truth; to mislead
QualmsReservations, causes for hesitancy
ReticentQuiet, reserved, reluctant to express thoughts and feelings
SolicitousConcerned and attentive, eager
SordidFilthy, foul
StaticAt rest
StymieTo block, thwart
TortuousWinding, twisting, excessively complicated
VeracityTruthfulness, honesty
VirulentHarmful, poisonous; bitterly hostile

Section 7