GRE Vocabulary

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Question Answer
aberrant adj. deviating from normal or correct
abscond v. to leave secretly and hide, often to avoid the law
advocaten.&v. to speak plead or argue for a cause or in another's behalf (n) one who advocates
aggrandize v. to make greater, to increase, thus to exaggerate
amalgamate v. to unite or to mix (n) amalgamation
ambiguous adj. vague; subject to more than one interpetation
ambrosialadj. extremely pleasing to the senses, divine (as related to the Gods) or delicious (ambrosia)
anachronismn. a person or artifact appearing after its own time or out of chronological order
anomalous adj. peculiar, unique, contray to the norm
antediluvian adj. ancient, outmoded (literally, before the flood)
antipathyn. hostility toward, objection or aversion to
arbitrate v. to settle a dispute by impulse
assuage v. to make less severe, to appease, to satisfy
attenuate v. weaken
audaciousadj. extremely bold, fearless, especially said of human behavior
averv. to declare
banaladj. commonplace or trite
barefacedadj. unconcealed, brazen, shameless
blandishment n. speech or action intended to coax someone into something
bombast n. pompous speech
breach n.,v. a lapse, gap or break as in a fortress wall; to break or breakthrough
burgeon to grow or flourish, a bud a new growth
buttressn.,v. to support, a support
cadgev. to get something by taking advantage of someone
capricen. impulse
castigatev. to chastize or criticize severely
catalystn. an agent of change
caustic adj. capable of dissolving by chemical action; highly critical
chicanery n. decption by trickery
complasiantadj. 1. marked by an inclination to please or oblige 2. tending to consent to others' wishes
conflagration n. a great fire
corporeal adj. of or having to do with material, as oppposed to spiritual; tangible
corporaladj. of the body; a noncomissioned officer ranked between a sargeant and a private
corroborate v. to strengthen or support
craven adj., n. cowardly, a coward
culpable adj. deserving of blame
dearthn. lack scarcity
deference n. submission or couteous yeilding
depict to show, create a picture of
depredationn. the act of preying upon or plundering
descry v. to make clear, to say
desiccate v. to dry out thoroughly
diatribe n. a bitter abusive anunciation
diffident adj. lacking self-confidence, modest
disabuse adj. to free a person from falsehood or error
disparaging adj. belittling
dispassionate adj. calm, objective, unbiased
dissemble v. to conceal one's real motive
dogged adj. stubborn or determined
dogmatic adj. relying upon doctrine or dogma, as opposed to evidence
eclectic adj. selecting or employing individual elements from a variety of sources
efficacyn. effectiveness; capability to produce a desired effect
effluent adj., n. the quality of flowign out. something that flows out such as a stream from a river
emollient adj., n. softening, something that softens
emulate v. to strive to equal or excel
encomiumn. a formal euology or speech of praise
endemic adj. prevelant in native or certain region, locality or people
enervate v. to weaken or destroy the vitality of
engenderv. to give rise to, to propogate, to cause
enigma n. puzzle or mystery
ephemeral ad. lasting for only a brief time, fleeting
equivocal adj. ambiguous, unclear, subject to more than one interpetation
erudite adj. scholarly, displaying deep intensive learning
esoteric adj. intended or understood by only a few
eulogy n. a spoken or written tribute to the deceased
exacerbate v. to increase the bitterness or violence of; to aggragate
exculpate v. to demonstrate or prove to be blameless
exorbitantadj. exceeding customary or normal limits especially in quantity or price
explicit adj. fully or clearly expressed
extantadj. in existence, still existing
fathom n., v. a measure of length used in nautical settings. to penetrate to the depths of something to understand it
fawn v. to seek favor or attention; to act subserviently
feign v. to give false appearance or impression
fervid, fervent adj. highly emotional
fledging n. adj. a baby bird; an inexperienced person
florid adj. flushed with rosy color as in complexion, very ornate an flowery
floundering adj. struggling
garrulous adj. verbose, talkative, rambling
gossamer n. adj. fine cobweb on foliage, fine gauzy fabric, very fine
guile n. skillful deciet
guileless adj. honest, straighforward
hapless adj. unfortunate
headlong adj, adv. headfirst, impulsive, hasty, implusively, hastily, without forethought
homogenous adj. similar in nature or kind, uniform
iconoclast n. one who attacks traditional ideas or institutions or one who destroys scared images
impecunious adj. penniless, poor
imperious adj,. commanding
implication n. insuation or connotation
implyv. to suggest directly, to entail
improvidence n. an absence of foresight, a failure to provide for future needs or events
inchoate adj. in an initial or early stage, incomplete, disorganized
incorrigible adj. not capable of being corrected
indelible adj. permanent, unerasable, strong