Graphing Calculator Functions

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Question Answer
Type this equation: 4-5X2 using PEMDAS4-(5X2)
Where is the negative button located?Bottom right, to the left of the enter button
What does the x2 button do?Quickly squares a number
How do you get to a square root?Press 2nd, then the x2 button
How do you do exponents?Press the number that you want 'exponentified' and then the carrot button, then your exponent
How do you simplify a fraction?You punch in the fraction that you want simplified, then MATH, then Frac, then hit ENTER twice.
What does 2nd-EE do?Puts a number into scientific notation (1.38 2nd EE, then whatever exponent)
What does 2nd ANS do?Retrieves a previous deleted answer
What does 2nd ENTRY do?Retrieves previously deleted work
What does 2nd MODE do?Quits out of menus