Grade 8 Health 9Bones, Muscles, Organs) Review

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Section 1

Question Answer
3 smallest bones in the bodyMalleus Incus and Stapes
What do Ligaments doattach bone to bone
The Brian is the _____of the bodyComputer
Brian is the organ of the _____systemNervous
Brain drive ____horomones
Brian controlsmuscle activity and other organs
The heart pumps____blood
The heart is the organs of the _____systemcirculation
The heart removes _____celluar waste
The heart transports_____and_____Oxygen and nutrients
The blood in the Artery is full of _____oxygen
The blood in the arteries come ___ of the heartout
The blood in viens is full of _____carbon dioxide
The blood in the vien come ___ the heartin
The liver is a organ of the ___ systemdigestive
The liver does ____ and _____Detoxification and protein synthesis
The liver plays role in ____metabolism
The kidney serves _____homeostatic function
The kidney removes ____ wastemetabolism
The kidney is part of the ____ systemurinary
The bladder collects _____urine excreted by the kidney
The bladder disposals by _____urination
The spleen removes_____old blood cells
The spleen stores____blood
The spleen recycles ____iron
The spleen ____ in its white pulpantibodies
The speleen help _____system fight off infectionimmune
The lungs transfer ____oxygen for carbon dioxide
The lungs is a _____organrespiration
The lungs brings ______ into bloodstreamoxygen
Tiny air sacs of the lungs alveolus

Section 2

Question Answer
Anterior Muscle: on the necksternomastoid
Anterior Muscle: on the chestpectorals
Anterior Muscle: on the sideobliques
Anterior Muscle: on the stomacheAbdominals
Anterior Muscle:on the thaiquadriceps
Anterior Muscle: on the armBiceps Branchii
Posterior Muscle: On the back of the neckTrapezius
Posterior Muscle: on the shoulderdeltoid
Posterior Muscle: on the backLatissimus Dorsi
Posterior Muscle: on the back of the armtriceps
Posterior Muscle: on the bumgloteus maximus
Posterior Muscle: back of the thai Hamstrings
Posterior Muscle: back of the calfGastronemius
Posterior Muscle: above the ankleAchilles Tendon
Muscles are usually arranged inantagonist pairs
muscles can onlypull
muscle growthhypertrophe
muscle lossatrophe
red fiberslow twitch
white fiberfast twitch
Muscle can be named inshape location function