Grade 3 ballet theory

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Section 1

Question Answer
position of the feetpremiere seconde troisieme quatrieme, cinqueme
position of headerect raised lowered inclined turned
position of the bodycroise devant. a la quatrieme devant, ecarte (spread), a la seconde, a la quartrieme derriere, croisee derriere
movements in danceplie to bend. relever to rise, sauter to jump, glisser to glide, tourner to turn,, etendre
elancer to dart
etendreto stretch

Section 2

Question Answer
demi pliehalf bending
grande plie full bending
grande battementlarge beating
battements tendus a la secondstreched beatings to second
battements degagesbeatings disengaged
rond de jambe a terre en dehor et en dedensciircles of the leg on the floor inward and outward
battement frappebeatings struck
petite battementssmall beatings
adage developpe en croixslow controlled movments in the pattern of a cross
echappeescaping movements
releve deventraised movement in front
releve derriereraised movement in back
releve passes en avantraised movement passing to the front
releve passe en arrierraised movement passing to the back
exercise for battuexercise for beats
au milieumiddle of the room
port de bracarriage of the arms
grande ronde de jame en liar avec arabesquelarge circle of the leg in the air with an arabesque pirouette
soubresautsudden bound
sissone en avantscissor step in front
pas de bouree devent et derriere bouree step front and back
changementchanges of the feet
glissade changegliding step changing
assembleassembling or gathering step
glisadeto glide
temp leveraised movement HOP
demi contre temphalf off beat step
chassechasing step
en tournantturning
enchainementschain of steps
allegroquick steps