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What are the basic characteristics of the Texas Legislature?Bicameral, 2 houses. (lower - House of Representatives, upper - Senate)
What is the Delegate Model?An elected official who act as an agent of majority that elected him or her to the office and carry out the wishes of majority
What is the Trustee Model?A theory of repressentation taht assumes taht elected officials have access to information that voters do not. (the people TRUST the elected official to act in their best interest)
What is the significance of the "Baker vs Carr" US supreme court case?Required taht members of the state legislature had to be lected from districts taht were roughly equal in population. One person, one vote.
Redistricting leads to what kind of process??
What does the "one person - one vote" rule mean?The vote of any one person must carry the same weight of the vote of any other person.
What is a bicameral legislature?Legislature taht consists of 2 seperate chambers or houses.
What is a "Supermajority"?More than just a 50% majority. Ex) 60% or two-thirds majority required to pass something.
When is a regular session of the Texas Legislature?Meets for 140 days.
Are men overrepresented in the Legislature?Yes
What is a pluarily election?The candidate with the most votes wins the election and the seat in the legislature.
What rules are in the Texas Constitution about redistricting?Districts must be contiguous (a single unbroken entity, can't be half here half there), must respect county boundaries as much as possible, must be drawn to be as compact as possible, must use the SMDP (single-member district plurality) system.
What are standing committees?Permanent, chamber-specific formal work group that typically exists across sessions and across elections.
How do you end a filibuster in the Texas Senate?A majority vote.
Where do most bills "die"?In the committee of the chamber where it was introduced.
What is a conference committee?A committee created to reconcile the differences in the Texas Senate and Texas House versions of a bill.
What is "chubbing" in the legislative process?Engaging in lengthy debate over bills that are not controversial to prevent debate and consideration on a more controversial bill (filibustering but not on the actual bill they want to filibuster).
How is power distributed in the Texas Legislature?Between the president of the senate and the speaker of the house of representatives.
Who chooses committee chairs in the Texas Senate?President of the senate (lieutenant governor) or the speaker of the House.
What makes the Lt. Gov. so strong in Texas?Most states with lieutenant governors limit their power but Texas doesn't.
What is the Ways and Means committee of the Texas House?Handles every bill involving tax law, the rate of taxation, and the types of taxes levied.
Why was the Democratic Party so strong after the 1860s??
Which party dominates the legislature today?Republican
How does a Lt. Gov. be successful??
Which State Officer assigns bills to committees in the Texas Senate?Either Lt. Gov. or speaker of House but not sure which, just 50/50 it.
What are the CONSTITUTIONAL requirements for Governor in Texas?Must be 30 years old, US citizen, and resident of the state for 5 years immediately prior to the election.
What are the INFORMAL characteristics of Texas Governors?White, protestant, healthy, middle-aged (usually around 50), attorney/businessman
Who's first in line of succession after the Governor?Lt. Gov.
Is the budget power of the Governor weak or strong in Texas?Weak.
What are the Governor's Legislative Powers?Doesn't have specific policymaking power but can influence the state's legislative agenda through the State of the State Address. Can issue executive orders to pursue policy objectives.
What is the Governor's MOST important appointment?Secretary of State.
How does the Governor influence the Texas Judiciary??
Are there TERM LIMITS in Texas?No (but few server more than 2 terms)
Can the Governor determine the length of a special session?No (lasts 30 days).
What are the constitutional grounds for impeachment of Texas Governor?The Texas House of Representatives must approve the articles of impeachment by a simple majority.
What is "Patronage"?Rewarding political supporters with public jobs, such as appointments.
What is included in the Governor's role of CRISIS MANAGER?How a governor handles crises???
Give an example of the Governor as a CRISIS MANAGER.Governor Rick Perry's handling of Hurricane Katrina. Perry offered temporary housing and opened public schools to evacuees and made the federal government pay for it.
What is the CEREMONIAL role of the Governor?Carrying out ceremonial roles can be an important source of power for a politically savvy governor.
The Speaker and Lt. Gov. oversee what process TOGETHER?The appointment of house and senate committee members.
What powers does the Governor have over the bureaucracy?Appoints the individuals that run the state agencies.
What does a "popular" mandate for the Governor mean?The greater the electoral victory of the governor, the more the governor can claim his agenda has a popular mandate. The legislature is less willing to challenge a popular governor.
What is the salary of the Texas Governor today?$150,000.
What is a plural executive?An executive branch in which the functions have been divided among several, mostly elected, officeholders rather than residing in a single person, the governor.
What is the MOST significant power of the Texas Comptroller?Estimating the amount of revenue the state will generate each year. (or maybe collecting taxes)
What is the MAJOR source of power for the Lt. Gov?Presiding officer of the Texas Senate (he exerts great influence on both the debates and the bills taht reach the floor in the chamber).
WHat office is considered the MOST important in Texas by many?Lt. Gov.
Is the Texas Governor considered weaker or stronger in comparison to other states?Weak.
How many people are in the Texas House & Texas Senate?150 in House, 31 in Senate.
Does the political system in Texas favor the ELITE?Yes.