GOVT2306 Exam 1 Review

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Question Answer
What is a "pay as you go" state?A state that can't run a deficit.
What is the difference between Legendary Texas and True Texas History? Give examples.Legendary Texas is cowboy shit. The Alamo didn't happen like it's remembered etc.
What were the divisive issues during the Texas revolution and Texas independence?Slavery
When was Austin made the state capital?1839
Who was the first President of the Republic of Texas?Sam Houston
When did Texas succeed from the Union?1861
What Constitution ushered in the Reconstruction Era in Texas?1869-1876
What is the result of short biennial sessions of the Legislature?(biennial sessions-only meet 140 days every 2 years) Increases power of the lobbysists and increases representation.
Does the Constitution define the way the governor can be elected?Yes
The effects of the Great Depression were not as severe as the rest of the country. Why?Because oil was discovered, we had mineral taxes coming in, so all other taxes were reduced.
What is traditionalistic political culture?Traditional shit like going to church every Sunday etc.
Compared to national averages, what area does Texas exceed in?One of the best highway systems. Top producer of oil.
What tax funds most of the Highway Department budget?Diesel and gasoline taxes
Given Texas expansive land, is there a belief in "limitless potential" to grow?Yes
What big issue caused Mexican independence from Spain?Mexicans wanted self-rule, but Spain had king rule. Mexico wanted to establish their own government.
Texas statehood was APPROVED in what year?1846
What is Vertical federalism?The distribution of power between national and state governments.
What is Horizontal federalism? Refers to the relationship between states.
The "winners" in the current constitutional rules are who?Answer 1)Elites- Big Business Interest.
2) Rich old white men.
What is one issue that all of Texas's Constitutions have in common?Answer 1)Limited Government
2) Opposition to strong government.
Do "big business" interests have a lot of power in Texas?Answer 1)Yes,Big business runs the state.
2) Absolutely, they dominate the legislative system.
Has "wind power" increased as a power source in Texas recently?Yes (we are #1 wind power producer)
How has funding for roads in Texas changed recently?Increase in tolls.
Which major city in Texas has the longest light rail system in the US?Dallas- DART( Dallas Area Rapid Transit)
What STATE agency is responsible for protecting the environment in Texas?1)Texas Commision for Environmental Quaity
2) EPA(Environmental Protection Agency)
What has contributed to the water shortage in Texas?Population, Drought.
2) Property Owners own the water below their property.
What alternative energy has Texas excelled in?Solar and Wind power
The first regulatory commission in Texas oversaw what industry?Railroads.
What reasons add to Texas inability to meet modern challengers?Constitution outdated, legislature only meets once every 2 years, government in Texas is weak.
What is a "plural" executive?an executive that was elected, not appointed.
What was created with the federal system of government that the US constitution set up?A shared system of government between state and national power.
What would a majority view of Texans say they want from government?Very little. Texans don't want a lot of government.
How has the population of Texas grown (%wise)?19% in every decade since 1980.
With its endless frontier and western lands, Texas represents what to many people?Limitless potential.
What are "unfunded mandates"? Give examples.Laws passed by national government that require state/local governments to do something but don't give them money to do it (state has to employ more police officers but doesn't give them money to pay them)
Does Texas have a strong OR weak Governor?Weak.
Does US law always supersede state law?Yes
Is the Texas Constitution a well written modern document that works well in today's global system?No
How are the members of the Texas judiciary (state judges) chosen?Elected.
What are some criticisms of the 1876 Texas Constitution?Very long, too detailed.
What year did Texas end its statehood in Mexico and become an independent Republic?1836 (battle of San Jacinto)
Low pay for the Texas Legislature has had what impact in state politics?Gives power to beaureaucrats and lobbyists.
What are CONCURRENT powers and give examples?Powers shared by both national and state governments such as taxing and spending and the ability to establish courts and charter banks.
The Texas oil boom began with a huge discovery in what Texas city?Beaumont
What is "eminent domain"? The power of government to take private property for public use, generally for public functions, such as roads.
How would you describe the air quality of Texas now?Improving
What are differences in California approach and Texas approach to environmental protection?California is heavier on regulation than Texas
What was the motivation of Mexico's war with Texas?To stop the Anglo invasion from taking all the land in East Texas.