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Median Voter Theorem?If a party positions itself where the median voter is, then the party can maximize its votes
Political socialization?The learning process by which people acquire their political opinions,beliefs and values
What kind of incentives do non-economic interest groups pursue?They contribute to what they say is a worthy goal or purpose like protecting the environment to feeding the poor to putting prayer back in public schools
What is the free rider problem?Individuals who benefit from the good without paying for it
What is lobbying?Efforts that groups make to influence public policy by contact with public officials
What is inside lobbying?Based on a group's efforts to maintain close contact with policymakers
What is outside lobbying?Occurs when the public is invovled in putting pressure on lawmakers
What is an iron triangle?A group of bureaucrats, legislators, and lobbyists that work together with each group supporting the other two groups
What is an issue network?Loose, informal groupings of officials, lobbyists and policy specialists who temporarily work around an issue or policy problem
What is framing?The process that journalists use to decide what angle they are going to tell their story from
What is signaling?Relevant events and problems are brought into public view
What is common carrier?Leaders and citizens communicate with each other through press
What is watch dog?The media carefully watch elected and other officials for corrupt, careless or deceitful behavior
What is Partisan?The media promotes particular values and interests
What is Partisan press?Publishers of newspapers openly supported one political party or the other
What is yellow journalism?New way to sell newspapers was sensational but not always accurate
What is the fairness doctrine?Required broadcasters to give opposite views on a controversial subject

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