Govt Test 4

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Requirements to become Governor

Question Answer
Have to beU.S. citizen
Age Requirement30 yrs old
Term Limitsno term limits
Residencyresident of Tx for 5 years
States that have 1 term limitsVermont & New Hampshire

Salaries & Benefits

Question Answer
Salary of Governor$150,000
Housingmansion to live in
Protectionsecret service protection (7 DPS officers)
Perksvehicles, planes
Support Staff264 people


Question Answer
James "Pa" Fergusononly governor to be impeached & removed from office
Hobbyreplaced Ferguson when he was removed
Female GovernorsMiriam "Ma" Ferguson & Ann Richards
John B.Connallyprofessor met; injured during JFK assassination
Rick Perrylongest serving governor
Bush1st governor to serve 2 consecutive terms
Bill Clementsserved 2 non-consecutive terms
Beauford Jesterdied while in office
How to become Top 10 Governorlegacy (Bush); longevity (Perry); & notoriety (Connally)

Impeachment & Removal

Question Answer
ImpeachmentTx House brings forward the article of impeachments / indictments
Senateconducts the trial

Plural Executive

Question Answer
Lt. Govpresiding officer of Senate
Attorney General"people's lawyer" ; voice of Tx in state law suits
District Attorneyprosecutor
Comptroller"bag man" ; collect retail sales tax receipts from area merchants
Treasurermoney management & paying the bills
Secretary of Statethe state's chief records keeper & election official
Adjutant Generalcommanger of Tx National Guard (unless activated by president)
Commissioner of Agriculture "weights & measures" ; conserve water, pesticide regulations
Commissioner of Insuranceoversees & regulates insurance industry in Tx (auto, property, & casualty)
Tx Railroad Commissionregulate oil, gas, & pipeline industry ; trucking
State Board of Educationappointed by governor; 15 elected members; funding, textbook selection, & set curriculum
Land Commissionermanages 22 mil. acres; Hazelwood Act

Formal Powers

Question Answer
Executive Powersweak governor for executive decision-making authority
"Citizen Boards"ordinary Texans to oversee state agencies & licensing boards
Citizen Board Terms6 yr non-salaried terms- require 2/3 vote of Senate for approval
Plural Executivelimits governor's authority- statewide elected executives who are independent of governor's control

Budgetary Powers

Question Answer
EBOExecutive Budget Board
LBBLegislative Budget Board
Line-item Vetohe can redline specific spending as wasteful spending
2/3 votetakes this to override a line-item veto

Military Powers

Question Answer
Governorin charge of State National Guard
Adjutant Generalin chrage of the Air National Guard & commander in chief of Texas Army

Legislative Powers

Question Answer
Message power of Governor"State of the State"
Special Session30 days
Judicial Powersgovernor appoints vacancies in court
Veto Powerallows governor to reject outright a bill passed by House & Senate

Texas Courts

Question Answer
JP CourtC misdemeanor; small claims; civil
Municipal CourtC misdemeanor; criminal
District Courtsfelony cases; 12 member jury; specialized judges
Appellate Judgesserve 6 yrs
Trial Judgesserve 4 yrs
Court of Appealsappeals for both kinds of cases
Supreme Courtcivil & juvenile cases
Court of Criminal Appealscriminal cases
Death Penalty Case Appealsgo straight from District Courts to Court of Criminal Appeals
Constitutional County Courtsrural; class A misdemeanor; 6 member jury; juvenile cases; civil
Statutory County Courtsurban; civil & criminal; class B misdemeanor
Statutory Probate Courtsprobates

Crimes & Punishments

Question Answer
Class C Misdemeanortheft under $50; traffic tickets; PI; verbal assault------no jail time
Class B Misdemeanortheft over $50; prostitution; 1st DWI-----180 days jail
Class A Misdemeanortheft over $500; assault with injury;resisting arrest; family violence; cruelty to animals-----1 year jail
State Jail Felonytheft over $1500; auto theft; forgery------6 months - 2 yrs. jail not prison
Ruiz vs. Estelleprison capacity at 95% rule so go to jail for 6 months - 2 yrs.
3rd Degree Felonyinvoluntary manslaughter; kidnapping; escape; theft under $100,000; 3rd DWI; -----2 - 10 yrs. prison
2nd Degree Felonytheft over $100,000; burglary of home; sexual assault----- 2 - 20 yrs. prison
1st Degree Felonytheft over $200,000; murder; aggravated sexual assault-----5 - 99 yrs. prison
Capital Felonymurder of cop or child; serial murderer-------life w/out parole or death

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