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Part of the Population 3/5 the delegates from the norther states did not want slaves to be counted
Probable cause commit or about to commit crime
A republic representative democracy
Bill of Rights protected the rights of minority against will of majority
Necessary and Proper Clause Article 1 Section 8 Clause 18 of the Constitution
Virginia Plan ProposalBranch elected by a bicameral legislature
Social Conflict disagreements among people in a society over what society should be
Articles of Confereration each state could send 2/7 representatives to congress
Revenge Pain when you exposed a friend information on social media
Unitary System of Government exercise powers given by the central govt
Civil liberties protect citizens from government actions
Seperation of Powers Madisonian based on principle
Full Faith and Credit Clause requires state to honor every other states judicial proceeding
New Jersey Plan acts of congress supreme law of the land
Capitalism private ownership
Politics influence of the behavior through force persuasian rewards
Slander unprotected speech being accused in scenario
Ratifiction Methods 3/4 of the state proposed amendment
Libertarian oppose almost all gov regulation
1st amendment film not recieved a NC-17
Shay's v Rebellion Process of chance was catalyed by similar protests in many areas
15th amendment criminal defendent protected by self incrimination
Public Service lawful protection under the american with disabilites act
Autocracy Authority lies in the hand of a single person
Gibbon vs Ogden National govt hand the power to regulate more than one state
Sub Stantive due process promotes a compelling overriding state interest
Coin Money Constitution gave national government power
National Government constitution of the U.S. gives _exclusive power over foreign nation
Not characteristic of Federalism ruled by a single National level
Shelby v Holder determine whether a state or local government preclearnce or absolute
Kabeas Corpus not available durning rebellion or nations invasion
4th Amendment search sam's house without proper documentation violated
European Union example of confederal system
Social Contract individuals give power to secure mutual protection welfare of all individuals
McCulloch v Maryland conflict with a National government action
New Federalismhands over rights to the state government in order to better representation

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