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Which of the following is the oldest form of government still in use today?monarchry
A New England town meeting is an example of direct democracy
Nazism is a form of fascism built on the idea ofracial superiority
Which of these is a common feature of market economiesproduction of high quality goods and services
Socialism began as an attempt to correct which disadvantage of capitalism?uneven distribution of wealth
In a command economy, who decides how much to produce?government planners
Which of these factors most distinguishes dictators from monarchs?how they acquire and retain power
In a parliamentary democracy, who chooses the prime minister?the party with a legislative majority
Which kind of economy is most common in the world today?mixed
Which kind of country is most likely to have a federal system of government?large, with a diverse population
The right to exercise supreme power and authority over a region, a group or oneselfsovereignty
An independent country in which people share a common culture is calleda nation-state
Which of these is the best example of a public good?a town library
Which of these is an essential feature of political activityit is purposeful
When people call someone a Machiavellian, the usually mean that person is cunning and amoral
On December 1st, 1955, Rosa Parks when to jail rather than give up her bus seat to a white passenger. Her action was an example of which of the following?civil disobedience
Which of the following are considered the basic building blocks of government?revenue collection and coercion
A rulers legitimacy depends mainly on which of these factors?peoples acceptance of the rulers authority
Which of these is most likely to involve horse trading?a business deal
Which of the following best describes the principle of popular sovereignty?the ultimate source of governmental authority is the people
The idea of representative government first developed in ancient Rome
Who is know as the father of the Constitution and as the principal author of the bill of rights?James Madison
Which of these historic documents first established the principle rule of law?Magna Carta
Which complaint was the greatest barrier to ratifying the constitution?it did not include a bill of rights
"Life, Liberty and Property" "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" natural rights
Which of these issues at the constitutional convention was resolved by what is known as the great Compromise?the representation of the states in congress
The articles of confederation reflected american's fear of a strong central government
Which political philosopher favored separate legislative, executive and judicial branches?Baron de Montesquieu
Thomas Paine, author of Common Sense, was influenced by Rousseau's argument that a government should be dissolved if itacted contrary to the general will

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Which of these plays the largest role in interpreting the Bill of Rights?the supreme court
Which of these is a civil liberty protected by the Bill of Rights?the right to religious freedom
Which of these unpopular forms of expression is protected by the First Amendment?flag burning
The process of applying the Bill of Rights to the states through supreme court decisions if calledincorporation
Which of these acts is protected under the first amendment?criticizing elected leaders
The fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth amendments protectrights in the legal system
Which of these rights has not been subject to incorporation?right to bear arms
The phrase 'you have the right to remain silent' reflects the provision in the bill of rights regarding self-incrimination
The term prior restraint refers to which government action?preventing publication of certain material
What decision did the supreme court make on the power of cities to regulate peaceful assembly in public places in Hague v CIO?cities may set rules rule for the use of public places that apply equally to all
Where do most members of congress begin their political careers?in local politics
Which of these is the best definition of constituents?residents of an electoral district represented by an elected official
Which of these events triggers reappointment of seats in the house of representatives?a census conducted every 10 years
What determines the number of seats in the senate?the number of seats depends on the number of states
In saying 'the power of the speaker of the house is the power of scheduling' Tip O'Neill was referring chiefly to the speakers power to do which of the following? decide which bills which be debated and when
Which of these groups handles most of the detailed work of lawmaking in congress?standing committees
A conference committee is make up of members from both the house and senate
Which of these powers belongs only to the senate?the power to ratify treaties
What do the powers of oversight, confirmation, impeachment, ratification, override and amendment have in common?they help congress check the power of the other two branches
Which of the following might apply to state lawmakers but not to members of congress?term limits

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Which of these terms refers to the principle that people accused of a crime must be granted certain legal rights?due process
The preamble to the constituents lists which of the following?purpose to be served by the constituents
Why did the framers of the constitution create three separate branches of government?to keep any one group from gaining to much power
The first words of the constitution indicate that power and authority in our system of government come from the people
Which of these is the defining characteristic of a federal system of government?power is divided between central and regional governments
Over time, constitutional amendments have extended with right to the groups listed below? -african americans -women -residents of the district of columbia -18 year oldsright to vote in elections
The supremacy clause of the constitution indicates how to resolve conflicts between state and federal laws
Which of these is the best example of constitutional checks and balances?treaties require senate approval
How did the decision in Marbury v. Madison stregthen the power of the supreme court?it established the courts right to declare an act of congress unconstitutional
The process of amending the constitution involves both the congress and the states
According to the US constitution, the national government must guarantee that every state governmenthas a bicameral legislature
Which of these office holders is typically a county government official?sheriff
Presidents Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan both advocated a policy know as devolution. What was this policy aimed at?transferring power back to the states
In which kind of court would a driver protesting a speeding ticket most likely appear?municipal court
President Lyndon Johnson's Great Society programs began a new era of national-state relations in the 1960s. Political scientists describe this era as one ofregulated federalism
Which of these units of government is most likely to regulate water systems, cemeteries, hospitals, sewers, fire protection services and schoolsa special purpose district
Which of these is the most common way to amend a state constitution?the legislature proposes an amendment and the voters approve it
Which form of city government, combining democratic rule with profession expertise, is most common in the united states today?council-manager