Government Chapter 8 Vocabulary

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Party CompetitionBattle of parties for control of public offices
Political PartyTeam of men and women seeking to control the governing apparatus by gaining duly constituted election
Linkage Institution Channels the which people concerns become political issues on govt policy agenda
Rational Choice Theory Popular theory in political science to explain actions of voters as well as politicians
Party imageVoters perception of what Republican or Democrats stands for
Party identification Citizens self proclaimed preference for one party or the other
Ticket Splitting Voting with one party for one office and with another party for other offices
Party MachinesType of political party organization that relies heavily on material enducements to win votes and govern
Patronage One of the key enducements used by party machines
Close Primaries Elections to select party nominees in which only people which have registered in advanced with the party can vote for that parties candidates
Open Primaries Elections to select party nominees in which voters can decide on election day whether they want to participate in the democratic or republican contest
National ConventionMeeting of party delegates every 4 years to choose a presidential ticket and write the parties platform
National CommitteeOne of the institutions that keeps the party operating between conventions
National Chair PersonResponsible for day to day activities of the party and usually hand picked by Presidential Nominee
Coalition Group of individuals with a common interest on which every political party depends
Party ErasHistorical periods in which the majority of voters cling to the party in power which tends to win a majority of the elections
Critical Election An Electoral "earthquake" where new issues emerge, new coalations replace old ones, and the majority party is often displaced by the minority party
Party Realignment Displacement of the majority party by the minority party usually during a critical election period
New Deal Coalition A Coalition forged by the democrats who dominated American Politics from the 1930's to the 1960's.
Party Dealignment Gradual disengement of people from the parties as seen in part by shrinking party identication
Third Parties Electoral contenders other than the two major parties
Winner Take All SystemAn electoral system in which legislative seats are awarded only to the candidates who come in first in their constituency
Proportional RepresentationAn electoral system used throughout most of Europe that awards legislative seats to political parties in proportion to the number of votes won in an election
Coalition GovernmentWhen 2 or more parties join together to form a majority in a national legislator
Responsible Party Model A view about how parties should work held by some political scientists
Blue Dog DemocratsFiscally conservative democrats who are mostly from the south and/or rural parts of the US

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