Government Chapter 4B

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Section 1

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Civil Rightsgovt plays a positive role; allows us to participate as equals in democratic process
Barron vs. Baltimoreestablishes notion of dual citizenship
Civil Rights Act of 1964ended dual citizenship; extended Bill of Rights to all U.S. citizens
Scott vs. Sanford1st civil rights case courts ever hear
Smith vs. Alwrightended all white primaries
Jaybird Primarystill had to be white; a way around Smith vs. Alwright
Affirmative Actionprograms or policies that seek to redress past injuries against specified groups

Section 2

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Voting Rights Act of 1965ended Black Codes
De Jureby law
De Factoby fact
Plessy vs. Fergusonupheld segregation as long as facilities were equal
President Trumanattempts to end segregation after WWII

Section 3

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H.M. Sweatblack man from Texas wanted to go to an all white college-they made another college just for blacks
Brown vs. Board of Educationordered desegregation of public schools
Strict Scrutinystates had to prove that what they were doing was constitutional; segregation created by law was struck down
White Flightwhen people with money move
Swann vs. Charlotte Mecklenbury School Boardbusing the school children to other schools is constitutional

Section 4

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Civil Rights Act of 1964designed to eliminate racial discrimination
Northsegregation was de facto
Southsegregation was de jure
Civil Rights Act of 1875ruled unconstitutional

Section 5

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Heart of Atlanta Motel vs. U.S.located on interstate; told they must serve blacks
1%less than this was integrated schools a decade after Brown decision
Universalizationother groups think what about us
Protectionismbelief that women should be spared from life's cruelties
Bradwell vs. Illinoisprohibited women from practicing law
1908Supreme Court upheld Oregon work laws requiring women to work fewer hours

Section 6

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19th Amendmentwomen right to vote
Glass Ceilingwomen earn 76 cents for every dollar a man earns
Title VII of Civil Rights Actprohibits discrimination in hiring
Franklin vs. Gwinnett County Public Schoolscourt found violations of Title IX could be remedied with money
U.S. vs. Virginiacourt found that male only policy in Virginia Military Institute denied equality to women
Title IX of Civil Rights Actprohibits gender discrimination in education

Section 7

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Equal Rights Amendmentdesigned to ensure equality for women
Meritor Savings Bank vs. VinsonVinson claimed sexual harrassment by V.P. of bank & made a hostile work environment
Supreme Courtsdeal with civil cases
Mendez vs. Westminsterheld that segregation of Mexican students into seperate schools was unconstitutional
1st case in favor of desegregation of schoolsMendez vs. Westminster
Delgado vs. Del Rio ISDmade it illegal to put Mexican students in seperate buildings in schools
Hernandez vs. State of TexasSupreme Court recognized Mexicans rights were violated through Jim Crow laws

Section 8

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Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882suspended the immigration of Chinese workers
U.S. vs. Wong Kim ArkSupreme Court ruled that anyone born in the U.S. could not be denied citizenship
McCarren-Walter Actrescinded the 1790 law that prohibited Asians from becoming citizens
Foreign NationalsNative Americans considered this until 1924
AIMAmerican Indian Movement
Disabilitycannot be fixed

Section 9

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Rehabilitation Act of 1973prohibits job discrimination on basis of a handicap
Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990gives civil rights protections to people with disabilities
Obergfell vs. Hodgesright to gay marriage
Prop 209outlawed affirmative action programs in state & local governments