Government Chapter 4 Definitions

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Section 1

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Selective IncorporationBill of Rights applicable to the states through 14th Amendment
Establishment Clausegovt must remain neutral
1990 Equal Access Actreligious groups can use schools after hours
Free Exercise Clause of 1st Amend.; protects beliefs but not actions of those beliefs
Alien & Sedation Clausedesigned to silence criticism of the govt
Ex Parte McCardleneswpaper editor jailed for criticism of Union occupation

Section 2

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Equal Protection Clauseof 14th Amend.; prohibits discrimination in jury selection on basis of race or gender
Shield Lawsdo not have to give up your sources
Civil Rights Act of 1964ended dual citizenship; designed to eliminate racial discrimination
Jaybird Primarystill had to be white; a way around Smith vs. Alwright
Voting Rights Act of 1965ended Black Codes

Section 3

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President Trumanattempts to end segregation after WWII
Strict Scrutinystates had to prove what they were doing was constitutional
Universalizationother groups thought "what about us?"
Protectionismbelief that women needed to be spared life's cruelties
Title VII of Civil Rights Actprohibits discrimination in hiring

Section 4

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Glass Ceilingwomen earn 76 cents for every dollar that a man earns
Equal Rights Amendmentdesigned to ensure equality for women
Chinese Exclusion Actsuspended immigration of Chinese workers
McCarren-Walter Actrescinded the 1790 law that prohibits Asians from becoming citizens
Foreign NationalsNative Americans considered this until 1924
Rehabilitation Actprohibits job discrimination based on handicap
Prop 209outlawed affirmative action in state & local governments

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