Government Chapter 4 Court Cases

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Section 1

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Palkous vs. Connecticutno "double jeopordy"
Engel vs. Vitaleno school prayer
Lemon vs. Kurtzmanno school prayer on intercom before game
Minersville School Board vs. Gobitus2 students refused to salute flag
West Virginia vs. Barnettereversed Gobitus ruling
Schenck vs. U.S.clear & present danger; public order threatened
Chaplinsky vs. New Hampshirefighting words not protected
Gitlow vs. New Yorkmade freedom of speech applicable to the states
Bradenburg vs. Ohiohate speech protected
Tinker vs. Des Moinesnon-verbal expression protected
Cohen vs. Californiaone man's vulgarity is another's lyrics
U.S. vs. Eichman a.k.a Tx. vs. Johnsonflag burning protected
Wisconsin vs. Mitchellhate crimes can be punished harsher
Roth vs. U.S.obscene if no social importance
Miller vs. Californiaobscene if no artistic or other value
New York Times Co. vs. Sullivan a.k.a. Sullivan Standardsfreedom of press more important than your good name
New York Times Co. vs. U.S.govt has right to censor if it endangers troops

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Mapp vs. Ohio"exclusionary rule"; cannot use evidence from illegal search
U.S. vs. Leon"good faith" exception; warrant appeared good
Murray vs. U.S.1st search illegal; 2nd search good

Section 3

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Miranda vs. Arizonasuspects must be informed of rights

Section 4

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Scott vs. Illinoishave right to an attorney in mideamenor if jail time possible
Gideon vs. Wainwrightright to an attorney

Section 5

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Furman vs. Georgiacapital punishment unconstitutional
McClesky vs. Kempwhite victim black criminal; more likely to receive death penalty
Penry vs. Lenaughmenatlly handicapped man to be executed
Atkins vs. Virginiaoverturned Penry ruling
Sanford vs. Kentuckyminor to be executed
Roper vs. Simmonsoverturned Sanford

Section 6

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Griswold vs. ConnecticutPlanned Parenthood director jailed for birth control; ruled unconstitutional
Bowers vs. Hardwickcriminalizes homosexuality
Lawrence & Garner vs. Texasoverturned Bowers

Section 7

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Barron vs. Baltimoredual citizenship
Scott vs. Sanford1st civil rights case court ever hears
Smith vs. Alwrightends all white primaries
Plessy vs. Fergussonupheld segregation as long as facilities are equal
H.M. Sweatruled can attend UT; Southern University is created
Brown vs. Board of Educationordered segregation of public schools
Swann vs. Charlotte Mecklenbury School Boardbusing students to other schools is constitutional
Heart of Atlanta Motel vs. U.S.on interstate; must serve black customers
Bradwell vs. Illinoisprohibited women from practicing law
Franklin vs. Gwinnett County Public Schoolsviolations of Title IX could be remedied with money
Meritor Savings Bank vs. Vinsonsexual harassment case; created a hostile work environment
Mendez vs. Westminster1st case in favor of desegregation of schools; "Mexican Schools" unconstitutional
Delgado vs. Del Rio ISDillegal to put Mexican students in seperate buildings
Hernandez vs. State of TexasMexican rights had been violated through Jim Crow Laws
U.S. vs. Wong Kim Arkanyone born in the U.S. cannot be denied citizenship
Obergfell vs. Hodgesright to gay marriage

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