Government Chapter 12- Federal Courts

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Section 1

Question Answer
Job of Supreme Courtto interpret the constitution
Supreme Courtdoes make policies
9th Amendmentright to privacy
Article IISupreme Court
1st Chief of JusticeJohn Jay
Article 6supremecy clause
McCullouch vs. Marylandupholds the supremecy clause

Section 2

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Criminal Lawlegal dispute dealing with violation of penal code
Civil Lawlegal disputes dealing with private conflict between people
Public Lawcases which one party believes agency acted unfairly or gone beyond jurisdiction
Misdemeanorless serious criminal offense
Felonymore serious crime
Preponderence of the evidencemajority of proof; 51%

Section 3

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Judicial Reviewpower of courts to declare actions of legislative & executive branches invalid or unconstitutional
$244,000Supreme Court judge salary
2% of the timecourt of original jurisdiction
98% of the timeAppellate court (court of appeals)
Federalist No. 78written by Alexander Hamilton; "The Judiciary Department"
Judiciary Act of 1789Congress designs the federal court system
Appellate Courtdeals with legal technicalities
Trial Court1st court to hear criminal or civil case
Supreme Courtonly court stated in constitution

Section 4

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Roe vs. Wade1973; right to privacy when fetus becomes viable
Viablewhen fetus can live outside of the womb on its own
Webster vs. Reproductive Health Services1989; barred use of public monies & other limits on abortion
94court districts
12 regional courts (11 + D.C.); each one has court of appeals
1federal circuit
Texashas 2 Supreme Courts
Criminal cases in Texas Texas court of criminal appeals
Civil cases in TexasTexas supreme court

Section 5

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How many Supreme Court Justices oversees each of the circuits? 1
Circuit 9 has their decisions overturned more than any other
5th CircuitTexas in this circuit
Seat of 5th Circuitin New Orleans
9number of Supreme Court Justices
Adjudicatedjudge decides a case
Opinionsreasons to support their decisions by judges

Section 6

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Common Law or Judge-Made lawwhen judges interpret prior decisions
Statutory Lawwhen judges interpret legislation
Judicial Reviewwhen judges interpret constitution

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