Government Chapter 10- President

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Section 1

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Head of State President
Head of GovernmentPresident; ex: executive, military, & legislative powers
Delegated Powerspowers given to president by Congress
Enumerated Powersmilitary, judicial, & diplomacy
Executive Powerspower to appoint, remove, & supervise all executive officers & appoint federal judges
Military Powerspower to protect every state against invasion & domestic violence
Legislative Powerspowers in legislative process
Article IIthe executive branch; deals with presidency

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Commander in Chiefhighest military authority with control over entire defense establishment
Military Powerspresident is head of secret intelligence network
Judicial Powershas power to grant reprieves, pardons, & amnesties
Diplomatic Powerscan exhibit an executive agreement
Treatiesrequire advice & consent of 2/3 of Senate
Executive Agreementcontract between 2 countries but doesn't require Senate approval
War Powers ResolutionCongress has the power to declare war

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War Powers Resolutionstates that president can send troops into action only with Congress say so
EconomyPresidents manage them & citizens hold them responsible
Taftian Modelpracticed by early presidents; they can only do what constitution allows them to do
Inherent Powersdo what you have to do unless the constitution forbids it
William Howard TaftTaftian Model
Theodore RooseveltInherent Powers Model

Section 4

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15Cabinet Level Departments
Homeland Securitythe newest cabinet level
Cabinetcarry out legislative mandates of Congress
Chief Executivepresident; appoints the cabinet secretaries
White House Staffmainly consists of advisers & analysts loyal to the president
Chief of Staffmakes sure president remains focused on agenda & controls access to president
Executive Privilegeconfidential communications vital to national interest between president & advisers should not be revealed
Not subject to Senate advice & consentWhite House Staff

Section 5

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Govenor Faubusposted National Guard at Central High School to keep black students out
1957Eisenhower sent troops to Little Rock Arkansas
State of Union Addresslegislative power of president; required under constitution; mostly about agenda setting
Roosevelthas most vetoes; 635
Andrew Johnsonhas the most overridden vetoes; 15 out of 29; 17th president
Grover Clevelandknown as veto president; 1892-1896 vetoes over 400 bills
Patronagepower to reward supporters through power to make appointments
Merit System limits patronage powers
Spoils Systemif I help you get elected in return I become Secretary of State
Problem with Spoils Systemunqualified people get important jobs

Section 6

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Executive Office of Presidentprepares national budget
Vetopresidential power to prevent a bill from becoming a law
2/3need this vote from each house of congress to override a veto
Pocket Vetoautomatically triggered if president doesn't act during final 10 days of legislative session
1996Congress passed bill giving president line-item veto
1998line-item veto ruled unconstitutional
OMBOffice of Management & Budget
Bottom Upexpenditures & request passing from lowest bureaus for clearance
Top DownOMB sets terms for debate for agencies as well as Congress
1800-1933Legislative Epoch; Congress thought that federal govt should be dominant actor

Section 7

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Vice Presidencyexists to succeed president in case of death, impeachment, incapacity, or resignation
Vice Presidentpresides over Senate but votes only to break ties
Balances the Ticketvice president's experience can help an inexperienced president get elected
First ladysupports valance issues
Mandatebelief that electorate broadly supports your plans & has told you so by choosing you in election
2014only 65 bills enacted during entire session; lowest output since 1933
20th Amendmentabolished "lame duck" session from March to early January
Sam Kernellpresident has the power to persuade by going public
Neaustadtthe strongest power the president has is power to persuade
Honeymoon Periodbeginning of term is usually highest approval of president

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