Government 13B

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Section 1

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Presidentshave a freer hand in foreign policy than domestic affairs
Strong Presidentsare opinion leaders, not opinion followers
Public Opinionreshaped or ignored
Foreign Policy Featurescomplexity & remoteness
In Crisispeople "rally around the flag"

Section 2

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Monroe Doctrineplead that U.S. would oppose attempts by European states to extend their political control
League of Nationstreaty that ended WWI
Collective Securityalliance between nations
Containment TheorySoviet Union was a strongly expansionist state
KennanContainment Theory
What 2 wars did we see containment thoery in?Korea & Vietnam
Manifest Destinybelief that it was God's will that we took land west of Missouri River

Section 3

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Cuban Missle Crisisclosest we have ever been to a nuclear war
Truman Doctrinethe U.S. should help "free peoples"
Revisionist ScholarsSoviets seeked buffer states to protect themselves from western invasions
Marshall Planwe provided billions of dollars to rebuild devastated economies
NATONorth Atlantic Treaty Organization
Warsaw Pactdefense treaty during the cold war
Korean War containment theory tested for 1st time

Section 4

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What 2 times did we go to war under the UN flag?Korea & Desert Storm
38th ParallelKorean war started and ended here
Rapproachmentreoppening doors with China
Dentewarming of relations
Cold Warperiod of tensions; standstill on both sides
Economy reason the USSR collapsed
Reagancalled USSR "evil empire"

Section 5

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Nixon Doctrineif you need our help ok but no troops
Carter Doctrineif you don't want countires to go to war, you need to build them up economically
1972SALT I - stressed reduction
1991START I - see reduction in # of weapons
MADmutual assured destruction
BMDballistic missle defense system
2 Prong Approach During Cold War deternce & containment

Section 6

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Diplomacyrepresentation of a govt to other govts
ANZUSAustralia, New Zealand, & U.S.
SEATOSouth East Asian Treaty Organization
Napoleonic Roleencourages revolutions; take leader out
Holy Alliance Roleprops up leaders; prevent the overthrow of a leader
Balance of Power Rolecounterbalance more powerful nations
Economic Expansionist Roletake them over for economic gain

Section 7

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Congresshas power of the purse/ funding
NSAsecurity of govt communications
CIAadvise National Security Council

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