Gov unit 8

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capitalism will work under well considered regulations and a variety of public services
pigou economic psychology and believes that optimism and pessimism cause economic fluctuation, focus on income inequality
friedmanconservative economist of the 80s
efficienmarket hypothesistsharepricethemselves by attracting the input of information relevant to their value
modern portfolio theorylesrisky to shape protfolios around the full universe of stocks
Efficient market hypothesis causesecon dereg, debt dependent mergers and buyouts, econ utility of speculation, usefulness and facilitation of markets provided by derivatives.
Modern global capitalist perspectivefocused on needs of large corporations, wants free trade and power.
Securitizationfinancial institutions tie together everal loans and then sell securities, which are divided based on risk
How does Mexico get out of debtborrow money from chase, but they buy foreign goods
How does Thailand get shiftedkeep their value the same as the us dollar, then it got over valued, so then they used their own currency to buy other currency which got them not debt
Helps poor countries get out of debtIMF
The Washington consensusfreedom to lend and invest across all borders with no impediments
Bail ingov has to pay a little for its own bad loans
Tobin taxtax that doesn't discourage currency exchanges necessary to carry out trade but takes a profit out of speculative transactions
syndicatebanks get help from other banks
Commercial paperbig private companies w good credit can issue commercial paper when they need money
Gumi Petraclass of Malaysians who must be hired alongside Chinese

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