Gov Unit 2

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Section 1

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Article 1 Section 1 Legistive power granted to Congress composed of a senate/house of rep
Incumbent advantages :Position Takingportray themselves as hard working and dedicated individuals
Incumbent Advantageadevertising visible to voters/frequent trip home
Incumbent Advantage: Weak Opponentsopponents inexperienced in poltics/underfunded
Incumbent Advantage: Campaign Spending PACS give money to incumbets
Incumbent Advantage: Party Identification Members represent the majority party in their district

Section 2

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Incumbent Advantge: Defeating Incumbentsredistrictng/scandals/complications/victim og majr political tide wave
Incumbents providestability in congress which discourages change, expertise, continuity of policy
The Majority Party duties elects speaker of house, sets legislative agenda, assigns bills to committee, hold committee chairs, holds majoriy of each committe
The House characteristics/duties influential on budget, impeachment charges, choose Pres if electoral college fails, house rules committee, limited debates, leader driven
House rules committeecontrols activities on the floor
Senateinfluential on foreign affairs, judges impeachment trials, filibuster, consencus driven, led by vice pres but really led by majority leader, must work with minority leader

Section 3

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House of Repsled by house speaker, presides over house, major role in committee assignments/legislation management
Organized into Committees and Subcommittees dominate policymaking/foster expertise in policy areas
Standing Committeesubject matter committees handle different policy areas
Joint Committeefew policy areas made up of House/Senate members
Conference Committeeresolve difference in Senate/House bills
Select Committeecreated for specific purpose

Section 4

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Legislation duties/work qualityhold hearings, research, mark up proposed legislation, bills amended,passed or killed, committees work on over 5,000 bills every session
Oversightinvolves hearings/other methods of monitoring/implementation of policy
Getting on a Committeemembers want committee assignments that help them get reelected, make policy/gain influence, express preference to party leaders, support of party important in getting in right committee
Getting Ahead of the Committeechair most important position, call meeting hearings, recommend membrd for select
Joint Committeescreate/choose subcommittee members
Personal Staff workdrafting legislation summarizing bills, research, preparing witnesses fr legialation, meeting lobbyists/staff of other members

Section 5

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Committee Staffhigh expertise, organize hearings, research/write legislation, very influential target of lobbyists
Staff AgenciesCRAs, GAO, CBO
Bill Introductionsanyone member of congress can introduce them.
Bills drafted by executive branch interest groups
Bill Assignmentassigned to one or more committee, committee chair can then assign it to subcommittee
Committee Action on BillsBills marked up/amended in committee/subcommittee. Final bills either rejected or reported to floor for vote

Section 6

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House Rules Committee on Billwhen bill reaches the floor, the committee sets the rules that govern debate
Cloture 60 votes that can stop a filibuster
Holds one senator stops bill from coming to floor for debate
Floor debate/voteinstructed delegate, trustee/politico
Conference Committee/floor votebills passed by Senate/House must be same. If two versions passed the conference committee will work out differences

Section 7

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President Decisionsign bill is law. veto bill it can be made a law with 2/3 of each house vote. do nothing-bill will become law in 10 days
Party influence party leaders can't force party members to vote in a particular way, but many vot along party lines
President leadership of Congressat margin and is used as an effective US Facilitator
Consitutency vs Ideologymost constituents uniformned about their member. It is difficult foe constituents to influence their member, but on controversial issues member can't ignore constituent
Lobbyists/Interest Groupsthousands try to influence congress, bigger issues more lobbyists working on it

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