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marburry v madisonjudicial review, supreme court can declare acts unconstitutional
mcculloch v marylandimplied powers,
gibbons v ogdencommerce clause
engel v vitaleno state sponsored prayer in school
lemon v kurtzmanno state funding for religious private schools, lemon test- purpose of aid is secular, gov action doesnt advance or inhibit religion, no entanglement of gov and religion
reynolds v usbans polygamy, reigious practices cant make something illegal, legal
oregon v smithno illegal drugs in religious ceremonies,
schenck v usfree speech lmtd if it presents clear and present danger
new york times v sullivanpublic officials can only sue if there is actual malice
roth v usobscenity is not constitutionally protected free speech, prevailing community standards- rule requires consideration of work as a whole
tinker v des moinesstudents dont shed rights to freedom of speech and expression at school
texas v johnsonflag burning is ok
gitlow v nysome bill of rights stuff applies to us
weeks v usevidence by illegal search is illegal- exclusionary rule
mapp v ohioexclusionary rule applies to states
gideon v wainright right to council applies to states
miranda v arizonamiranda rules must be said to criminal
dred scottaf americans not citizens
plessy v fergusenseparate but = ok
brown v boardsep but = in un= in school
uc v bakkequota system illegal for affirmative action, race can be used as a factor toward admission
griswold v connecticutstate cant restrict contraceptives
roe v wadeabortion is ok
baker v carr, wesberry v sandersone person, one vote
korematsu v usrelocation of japanese is a wartime necessity
us v nixonexecutive privlege lmtd
buckley v valeolmts on campaign contributions, individuals contribute as much money as they want, can spend money on own campaign


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civil rights act of 1964ends jim crow laws, no discrimination based on race, relig, gender
voting rights act of 1965outlaws literacy tests, federal oversiht of voter registration
clean air actest air quality standards
war powers resolutiongives congress greater power in presidential decisions committing military forces to hostile situations overseas, president notify congress within 48 hrs of deploying troops, president brings troops home between 60-90 days uness congress allows more
budget and impoundment control actcbo est to evaluate pres budget,
federal election campaign actcreates fec, , tightens reporting requirements, full public financing for ajor party candidates in general election
americans w disabilities actpublic facilities must have reasonable accomodations for peope w disabilities, prohibits employment discrimination for disabled
welfare reform actblock grants to states to transfer people from welfare to work
no chid left behind actstates set standards and measurable goals for education, standardized tests
usa patriot actauthorized searches without owner's permission or knowledge


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incumbency advantageincumbency members of hor are more likely to be re-elected than incumbent senators, incumbents can use pork carrel politics to bnefit their districts, franking privlege- send mail to constituents at government's expense
federalismpower is divided between fed and state gov, supremacy clause= fed gov has upperhand, decentralizes political conflict, provides interest groups w multiple points of access, experimentation and diversity of public policy
these increase fed powernecessary and proper clause, commerce clause, civil rights act of 64, categorical grants, federal mandates
how are supreme court justices selectedappointed by president, confirmed by majorty senate vote
judicial restraintliteral interpretation of constitution
judicial activismloose interpretation of constitution
electoral college system causes candidates to focus campaigning inmost populous states
what happens if in the electoral colege there is no majoritygoes to hor, each state has one vote
reduce voter turnoutcross pressures, low level of political efficacy, voter registration
divided governentpresidency and congress are controlled by different parties
is PAC contribution limitedyes
how are cabinet heads put inappointed by president, approved by senate
iron triangleinterest group, congrssional committee, cabinet
primaries have done what to party control over nomination processweakened
closed primaryvotes required to identify party preference and cant split ticket
fed 10political factions undesirable but inevitable, factions can be lmtd by republican gov, large country = fragment pol power so no majority ruling party
14th amendmentblacks are citizens, due process clause- state cant act unfairly, equal protection clause- forbids state from discriminating against or drawing unreasonabe distinctions between people, selective incorporation- bill of rights to states
most important factor of political socializationfamily
how do cases reach supreme courtappellate, writ of certiorari, rule of 4- at least 4 judged want
horse race journalismmedia's tendency to focus on polls, personalities, sound bites
state legislaturesused to be able to choose senators, can now draw boundary lines of districts, can ratify constitutional amendments by a vote of 3/4 states

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