Gout Study Guide

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What is goutA disease of purine metabolism
What is the disease process of gout?Hyperuricemia forms urate crystals that precipitate into synovial fluid and initiate an inflammatory response
What is hyperuricemia?An excess of uric acid in the blood
How quick is the onset of an acute gout attack?Rapid
When does gout happen easiest?When people drink beer and eat shrimp because the combination increases uric acid
How is gout diagnosed?Analysis of synovial fluids
Which joint is the most common place for gout?The big toe

Gout Relief Medications: Allopurinol


Question Answer
What is allopurinol?A uricosuric
What does a uricosuric do?Increase excretion of uric acid in the urine
What is allopurinol NOT?An anti-inflammatory and pain reliever
What is allopurinol’s main objective?Prophylaxis
How is it administered?Oral/ IV
What are adverse effects?Pruritus (itching), rash, increased liver function tests
What are drug interactions?Warfarin, ACE inhibitors (Makes these drugs more effective)
What actions should patients on this medication take?Increase fluid intake (normal number is 64 ounces) and yearly eye exam
What foods should be avoided on this drug?Beer and shrimp

Gout Relief Medications: Colchicine


Question Answer
What is colchicine?A mitotic agent (Inhibits cell division)
What is it used for?Treatment of acute gout/ pre-surgical prophylaxis
How is it administered?Oral/ IV
What does it inhibit?Leukocytes (But this can cause vasoconstriction, decrease in temperature)
What are adverse effects?Paralytic ileus
What are symptoms of paralytic ileus?Abdominal pain, constipation, nausea, vomiting
What should it be used precautiously with? Renal/Cardiac disease
What is a drug interaction?Radiation therapy
What are dietary restrictions with this drug?Alcohol, red meat, seafood
If a patient has blood in stool or urine, what is the correct intervention?Stop drug immediately
When is this drug started?At the first sign of gout attack (Abortive therapy)

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