Gothic Art

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Which century is the Gothic style said to have appeared in?12th Century (1100s)
What sort of term was Gothic, originally?derogatory
Which elements are characteristics of Gothic style?pointed arches, rib vaults, flying buttresses
What is the name for the region around Paris?Ile-de-France
What is a vault in which the diagonal and tranverse ribs compose a structural skeleton that partially supports the masonry web btw them?rib vault
The structural elements of French Gothic architecture can best be illustrated by the relationship btw what two elements?rib vault and flying buttress
What is an inclined architectural member carrying the thrust of a vault downward and outward to lower supports?flying buttress
Who was the 12th century cleric who built the first Gothic building?Abbot Suger
What is the vaulted space beneath a building called?crypt
What is the name of the abbey where Gothic style originated?St. Denis
Who was the abbot and reformer who spoke of the need for light to be conducive for meditation?Bernard of Clairvaux
Who was the founder of the monastic preaching order dedicated to poverty?St. Francis


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What floor plan do Romanesque and Gothic cathedrals have in common?cruciform
What is the fenestrated part of a building that rises above the aisle roofs called?clerestory
What does the term clerestory refer to?openings that emit light
What is a blind arcaded band below the clerestory called?triforium
WHat is the characteristic Gothic elevation?nave, arcade, gallery, triforium, clerestory
What accounts for the disparity in towers in many cathedrals?built in different time periods
Name one church that contains segments built in the Early Gothic as well as High GOthic?Notre-dame of Paris
In Gothic churches, what is a sharply pointed ornament capping the piers or flying buttresses?pinnacle
What is a pier with a group, or cluster, of attatched shafts, or responds called?cluster pier
Who are the statues on the jambs of the Royal Portal at Chartres thought to represent?kings and queens of old testament
What is the continuous molding framing an arch?archivolt
What style was the Portal of Chartres carved in?early Gothic


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What is the eastern end of the Gothic church that contains the choir, ambulatory, and radiating chapels called?chevet
What is a quatrefoil?clover leaf shape
What is an ogee arch?arch made of 2 double curving lines meeting at a point
What is a 4 part vault system called?quadripartite
THe elevation of Laon Cathedral differs from that of Chartres in what important respect?the absence of a gallery
What is the name for a 6 part vault?sexpartite vault
In what cathedral can we find six part vaults?Bourges Cathedral
What is the name for the rib at the junction of the wall and vault?a wall rib


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What is a large circular area of glass popular in Gothic churches called?rose window
Who is the developmnet of the Rayonnant style connected with?Louis IX
What is a branching ornamental stonework generally in a window, where it supports glass?tracery
WHat is the "radiant" architectural style popular in the 13th century, characterized by slender geometric decorations?Rayonnant
Which religious figure were many Gothic cathedrals dedicated to?Mary
What is a reliquary?richly decorated box for relics
What is a vertical member that divides a window or that seperates one window from another?mullion
In which style was St. Chapelle in Paris constructed?rayonnant
What are the characteristics of the Rayonnant style?slender architectural forms, linear, rich carving and ornamentation
Name the church that was never completed?Beavuais
What is a splayed opening in a wall that frames a door or window?embrasure
What is a projecting columnar part at the side of a doorway called?jamb
Who was the 13th century architect who left a series of notebooks?Villard de Honnecourt
What were many late 13th century manuscripts produced in Paris influenced by?Villard de Honnecourt's sketch book


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What pose was developed by the "court" style that had a strong influence on Late Gothic sculpture?the s-curve
Along with stained glass, what is a major form of French Gothic 2 dimensional art?illuminated manuscripts
What is the name of the Late GOthic style characterized by flame like decorative forms?flamboyant
Compare the naves of French Gothic churches to the naves of English Gothic churches?ENglish naves are shorter, more horizontal
WHat is the name of the Late GOthic style stressing verticals and horizontals that was popular in England?perpindicular style
Fan vaulting is most common in what country during what period?England, Tudor/Perpindicular
What is the name for the type of vault popular in England that consisted of a series of radiating ribs?fan vaulting


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Which church is closer to the French model of a High Gothic church?Cologne Cathedral
What Gothic cathedral was finished in the 19th century according to the original 13th century plans?Cologne Cathedral
In Gothic architecture, what is a lancet?tall narrow window, ending in a pointed arch
What is a church with the aisles as high as the nave?Hallen Kirche
WHat did hall churches usually place a new emphasis on?pulpit
Why are the 14th century German sculptures of Ekkenhard and Uta at Naumburt particularly significant?secular people are shown
Who were teh German patrons depicted an Naumburg Cathedral?Ekkenhard and Uta
What is a Pieta?virgin with the Dead Christ
What is the name of teh medieval philosophical system that reached its height in the 13th century?Scholasticism
What feature of the tower of the Palazzo Pubblico in Siena provides for additional defense?the machicolated galleries
What kind of buildings are the Palazzo Pubblico in SIena and the Doge's Palace in Venice?secular buildings