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Pepperdine Univesity

School of Public Policy. Professor Gordon Lloyd.


Fifth Draft - March 2007

Clauses of the United States Constitution

Name of ClauseArticleSectionClause
All Legislative Powers [Legislative Vesting]I11
House of Representatives [Member Composition]I21
Qualifications for House ElectorsI21
Qualifications for RepresentativesI22
Enumeration [Census]I23
Allocations of RepresentationI23
Writs of Election [Executive Writs of Election] I24
House Leadership [Speaker of the House]I25
Power of Impeachment [Impeachment] I25
Senate Composition I31
Election of SenatorsI31
Senate Vacancies [Senatorial Classes and Vacancies]I32
Qualifications for SenatorsI33
Presiding Officer [Vice President as Presiding Officer]I34
President Pro-Tempore I35
Try All Impeachment [Trial of Impeachment]I36
Judgment in Impeachment [Punishment for Impeachment]I37
Times, Places, and MannerI45
Congressional Regulation of ElectionsI41
Congress Shall Assemble [Meetings of Congress]I42
Congressional QualificationsI51
Congressional QuorumI51
Compulsory AttendanceI51
Rules of ProceedingsI52
Punish and ExpelI52
Journal of Proceedings [House Journals] [Yays and Nays]I53
Publication of JournalI53
Congressional AdjournmentI54
[Original] Congressional CompensationI61
Speech and DebateI61
Privileged from ArrestI61
Ineligibility [Sinecure]I62
Conflict of Interest [Incompatibility]I62
Revenue Bills [Origination]I71
Presidential VetoI72
Reconsideration of VetoI72
Veto OverrideI72
Not ReturnedI72
"Pocket Veto"I72
Order, Resolution, or VoteI73
Power to Tax [Spending]I81
Common DefenseI81
General WelfareI81
Uniformity of Taxation [Uniformity]I81
Borrow Money [Borrowing]I82
Interstate Commerce [Commerce Among the States]I83
Indian Tribes [Commerce With the Indian Tribes]I83
International Commerce [Commerce With Foreign Nations]I83
Weights and MeasuresI85
Post OfficeI87
Patent and Copyright [Science and Arts]I88
Inferior Courts [Inferior Tribunals]I89
Define and PunishI810
Law of NationsI810
Declare WarI811
Marque and ReprisalI811
Armies [Army]I812
Armies AppropriationI812
Rules for the Military [Military Regulation]I814
Militia OrganizationI816
Exclusive Jurisdiction [Enclave]I817
Military InstallationsI817
Necessary and ProperI818
All Other Powers VestedI818
Migrations and Importation [Slave Trade]I91
Habeas CorpusI92
Federal Bill of AttainderI93
Federal Ex-Post FactoI93
Direct TaxesI94
Exportation TaxI95
Port PreferenceI96
Federal titles of Nobility [Emoluments]I98
State TreatiesI101
State Letters of Marque and ReprisalI101
State Coinage [Legal Tender]I101
State Bill of AttainderI101
State Ex-Post FactoI101
Obligation of ContractsI101
State Titles of NobilityI101
Congressional ControlI103
Imminent DangerI104
Executive power [Executive Vesting]II11
Presidential TermII11
Vice PresidentII11
Presidential ElectorsII12
Electoral CollegeII13
Presidential Election [Presidential Vote]II14
Natural Born Citizen [Presidential Eligibility]II15
Qualifications for President [Presidential Eligibility]II15
Presidential SuccessionII16
Presidential CompensationII17
Presidential Oath of OfficeII18
Commander in ChiefII21
Commander of MilitiaII21
Opinion in Writing [Opinion]II21
Reprieves and Pardons [Pardons]II21
Advice and ConsentII22
Treaty Making [Treaty]II22
Inferior OfficersII22
Recess AppointmentsII23
State of the UnionII31
Presidential Recommendations [Messages to Congress]II31
Convening of Congress [Extraordinary Occasions]II31
Receive Ambassadors and Public MinistersII31
Faithful Execution of the Laws [Take Care]II31
Commission OfficersII31
Presidential Removal [Standards for Impeachment]II41
High Crimes and MisdemeanorsII41
Judicial Power [Judicial Vesting]III11
Supreme CourtIII11
Inferior CourtsIII11
Good BehaviorIII11
Judicial CompensationIII11
Law and EquityIII21
This ConstitutionIII21
Authorized Treaties [Treaties]III21
Affecting Ambassadors and Public Ministers [Ambassadors]III21
Admiralty and Maritime [Admiralty]III21
United States [Federal Party]III21
Interstate Controversies [Interstate Disputes]III21
Claiming Lands [Land Grant Jurisdiction]III21
Citizen-State DiversityIII21
Original JurisdictionIII22
Appellate JurisdictionIII22
Exceptions and RegulationsIII22
Criminal TrialsIII23
Treason DefinitionIII31
Treason ConvictionIII31
Punishment of TreasonIII32
Corruption of BloodIII32
Full Faith and CreditIV11
Prescribe and Prove [Acts and Records]IV11
Privileges and ImmunitiesIV21
Extradition [Interstate Rendition]IV22
Fugitive SlaveIV23
New StatesIV31
United States Territory [Property]IV32
United States Claims [Claims]IV32
Republican Guarantee [Guarantee]IV41
Protection Against InvasionIV41
Protection Against Domestic ViolenceIV41
Slave Trade Exception [Prohibition on Slave Trade]V11
State Equality Exception [Prohibition on Equal Suffrage]V11
Validity of Debts [Debt Assumption] [Continuation]VI11
Oath of Office [Oath]VI13
No Religious Test [Religious Test]VI13
Signing [Attestation]VII11
Establishment of Religion [Religion Clause I]Amendment One11
Free Exercise of Religion [Religion Clause II]Amendment One11
Freedom of Speech [Expression Clause I]Amendment One11
Freedom of Press [Expression Clause II]Amendment One11
Freedom of Assembly {Association Clause I]Amendment One11
Freedom to Petition [Association Clause II]Amendment One11
Well Regulated MilitiaAmendment Two11
Keep and Bear ArmsAmendment Two11
No Soldier Quartered [Quartering of Troops]Amendment Three11
Searches and SeizuresAmendment Four11
Warrants [Warrant]Amendment Four11
Grand Jury [Grand Jury Requirement]Amendment Five11
Military Cases [Grand Jury Exception]Amendment Five11
Double JeopardyAmendment Five11
Self-IncriminationAmendment Five11
Due ProcessAmendment Five11
Takings [Just Compensation; Eminent Domain]Amendment Five11
Speedy TrialAmendment Six11
Public TrialAmendment Six11
Impartial Jury [State and District]Amendment Six11
Accusation [Arraignment]Amendment Six11
ConfrontationAmendment Six11
Compulsory ProcessAmendment Six11
Assistance to Counsel [Right-to-Counsel]Amendment Six11
Trial by Jury in Civil CasesAmendment Seven11
ReexaminationAmendment Seven11
Excessive Bail and FinesAmendment Eight11
Cruel and Unusual PunishmentAmendment Eight12
Enumeration of Rights [Rights Retained by the People]Amendment Nine11
Powers Not Delegated [Reserved Powers of the States]Amendment Ten11
State immunity [Suits Against a State]Amendment Eleven11
Electoral College AlterationAmendment Twelve11
Abolition of SlaveryAmendment Thirteen11
Enforcement of Abolition of SlaveryAmendment Thirteen21
CitizenshipAmendment Fourteen11
Privileges or ImmunitiesAmendment Fourteen11
Due Process [State Due Process]Amendment Fourteen11
Equal Protection [State Equal Protection]Amendment Fourteen11
Apportionment of RepresentativesAmendment Fourteen21
Reduction of RepresentationAmendment Fourteen21
Insurrection or Rebellion [Disqualification for Rebellion]Amendment Fourteen31
Disability RemovalAmendment Fourteen31
Validity of Debts [Debts Incurred During Rebellion]Amendment Fourteen41
Enforcement of Validity of DebtsAmendment Fourteen51
Suffrage-RaceAmendment Fifteen11
Enforcement of Suffrage-RaceAmendment Fifteen21
Income TaxAmendment Sixteen11
Direct Election of Senators [Popular Election of Senators]Amendment Seventeen11
Qualifications for ElectorsAmendment Seventeen11
Senate Vacancies [Vacancies in the Senate]Amendment Seventeen12
Temporary AppointmentsAmendment Seventeen12
ExemptionAmendment Seventeen13
ProhibitionAmendment Eighteen11
Concurrent Enforcement of ProhibitionAmendment Eighteen21
InoperativeAmendment Eighteen31
Suffrage-SexAmendment Nineteen11
Enforcement of Suffrage-SexAmendment Nineteen12
Terms of OfficeAmendment Twenty11
Congress Shall AssembleAmendment Twenty21
Electoral ContingencyAmendment Twenty31
Executive DeathAmendment Twenty41
Take EffectAmendment Twenty51
InoperativeAmendment Twenty61
Repeal of (Federal) ProhibitionAmendment Twenty-One11
State ProhibitionAmendment Twenty-One21
InoperativeAmendment Twenty-One31
Presidential Term LimitAmendment Twenty-Two11
The Two YearAmendment Twenty-Two11
Take EffectAmendment Twenty-Two11
InoperativeAmendment Twenty-Two21
District AppointmentAmendment Twenty-Three11
Entitled Number of ElectorsAmendment Twenty-Three12
Maximum Number of ElectorsAmendment Twenty-Three12
Appointment of ElectorsAmendment Twenty-Three12
Meeting of ElectorsAmendment Twenty-Three12
Enforcement of Meeting of ElectorsAmendment Twenty-Three21
Poll Tax [Prohibition Poll Taxes]Amendment Twenty-Four11
Enforcement of Poll TaxAmendment Twenty-Four21
Presidential Vacancy [Presidential Succession]Amendment Twenty-Five11
Vice Presidential VacancyAmendment Twenty-Five21
Written DeclarationsAmendment Twenty-Five31
Assumption of PowersAmendment Twenty-Five41
Resumption of PowersAmendment Twenty-Five42
Further InabilityAmendment Twenty-Five42
Decide the IssueAmendment Twenty-Five43
Suffrage-AgeAmendment Twenty-Six11
Enforcement of Suffrage-AgeAmendment Twenty-Six12
Congressional CompensationAmendment Twenty-Seven11


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