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Treatment of schistosomiasispraziquantel(dz caused by paraworms)
Cause of cough in patient on an ACE inhibitorbradykinin
Treatment of benzodiazepam overdoseflumazenil
Use of epinephrine in shock1:1000 dilution subcutaneously
Mechanism of loop diureticocks Na-K-2C1 cotransport pump in the thick ascending limb in the renal medulla; also blocks calcium reabsorption
Cyanide poisoning treatment: amyl nitrite and thiosulfate
Thrush may be a complication ofcorticosteroid inhaler
Mechanism of propylthiouracilocks iodination of the tyrosine residues of thyroglobulin; also blocks coupling of DIT and MIT
only drug that can be used in pregnancy but may produce goiter in the newborn and nail defectspropylthiouracil
P450 system in the liver makes drugs morewater soluble
Angioedema and renal failure: ACE inhibitor


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Mechanism of action of retinoic acidhaves like a steroid in that it binds to receptors in the nucleus with subsequent transcription of genes; proteins produced by this action are important in growth, differentiation, reproduction, and embryonic development
Allopurinol action in purine synthesisblocks xanthine oxidase
Most common antibiotic used to prevent endocarditis in patients with valvular disease:moxicillin is the drug of choice; all valvular diseases except asymptomatic MVP and all congenital heart disease except asymptomatic ASD)
drug gives Yellow coloration of the skin that can be mistaken for jaundicequinacrine; chlorpromazine and arsenic produce a blue-gray color to the skin)
Lovastatin functioninhibits HMG CoA reductase
Phase 3 clinical trials double blind
Drug induced SLE:
7-fold membrane spanning protein-? drug: ropanolol a beta blocker
Botulism toxin MOAblocks the release of acetylcholine
used in severe RSV infections in childrenRibavirin
drug used for Asthma, MOA of this drugalbuterol (beta2-selective agonist; bronchodilator)


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Acetylcholine breakdown:
Cyclooxygenaseaspirin inhibits irreversible, NSAIDs reversible
SE Diffuse erythema followed by separation of the skin (scalded skin syndrome or toxic epidermal necrolysisbarbiturates, sulfonamides, phenytoin, NSAIDs
SE Hair loss in a womanoral contraceptives
Elderly woman on thiazides is most at risk for developing:gout
Tardive dyskinesia, malignant syndrome (sweating, hyperpyrexia, autonomic instability)neuroleptics
Antipsychotic drug requiring visual examinationthioridazine
SE Nephrogenic diabetes insipidus lithium for bipolar disturbances
Drug contraindicated with MAO inhibitors: epinephrine
Use of phentolaminenon-selective a-blocker that lowers blood pressure during surgery for a pheochromocytoma
Mechanism of AZTinhibits reverse transcriptase
Treatment of Pb poisoningBAL and EDTA
Methotrexate MOAblocks dihydrofolate reductase and the conversion of dihydrofolate to tetrahydrofolate
Glucuronyl transferase in liver renders compounds water soluble
Thromboxane A2synthesized in platelet; vasoconstrictor and increases platelet aggregation
Effect of proton blockersblocks H+ K+ATPase proton pump in parietal cell; not a receptor mediated event
H2 blockersblocks H2 receptor, which normally activates adenylate cyclase producing cAMP which stimulates protein lcinase
blocks the prostaglandin receptor, which normally inhibits adenylate cyclase and cAMP productionmisoprostol
activates cholinergic receptor causing the release of calcium, which stimulates protein kinaseacetylcholine
substitute for aspirin in preventing strokes, CAD if the patient is allergic to aspirinticlopidine
what do u use for overdose of succinylcholineacetylcholine blockers
finasterideblocks 5-alppha reductase, which converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, hence testosterone would increase proximal to the block and dihydrotestosterone would decrease
block androgen receptor, hence testosterone/ dihydrotestosterone increase but have not physiologic effectFlutamide, cyproterone, spironolactone:

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GnRH analogue, which when given in sustained fashion, inhibits FSH and LH, hence lowering testosterone and estrogen levelsleuprolide
ncrease in renin and AT!, but a decrease in ATII and a-ldosteroneACE inhibitors
inhibits testosterone synthesis (suppresses adrenal steroid synthesis)ketoconazole
Arsenic poisoningdimercaprol
increased anion gap metabolic acidosis due to conversion of methanol into formic acid; optic nerve degeneration and blindness; treat with alcohol infusion to block metabolism of methanol by alcohol dehydrogenasemethanol
occurs in the synapse into choline and acetate by acetylcholinesterase in the cleft; products are recycled and not excretedacetylcholine breakdown
tx opioid toxicitynaloxone
opioids no tolerance tomiosis and constipation
metabolized into morphine in small amounts owing to significant first pass metabolism of morphine in the livercodeine
delirium tremensuse benzodiazepines
patent ductus arteriosuskeep open with PGE