GNUR409 Exam 1

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Causes of clubbing of the nailsrespiratory, COPD, CV, cirrhosis, thyroid, colitis
Causes of thickening of the nailstrauma, fungal, vascular
Causes of thinning of the nailsvascular, nutrition
Causes of koilonychiaanemia, congenital
Causes of paronychiainflammation, infection
Causes of pittingpsoriasis

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What causes conductive hearing loss?caused by anything that interferes with the transmission of sound from the outer ear to the inner ear
What causes sensorineural hearing loss?due to damage to the pathway from hair cells to the auditory nerve

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Signs of swimmers earswollen, red, painful with discharge in otitis externa
Signs of chronic middle ear infectionscarred tympanic membrane
Signs of acute otitis mediabright red, loss of landmarks, bulging tympanic membrane
Signs of acute labyrinthitissudden onset, lasts hours to weeks, hearing not impacted
Signs of Meniere's diseasesudden onset, lasts hours to days, sensorineural hearing loss, tinnitus
Signs of benign positional vertigosudden onset, brief, triggered by position change, no effect on hearing

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Patterns of conductive hearing lossoften visually see abnormality causing issue, hearing improves in noisy environment, BC>AC
Patterns of sensorineural hearing lossage onset older adult, lose higher register sounds, AC>BC

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