Global History and Geography Part 2 Day 1

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Question Answer
What was important about Hammurabi's Code?It was the first major written code of laws
What was Ancient Egypt's writing system called ?Heiroglyphs
What was Unique about Judaism? monotheistic (belief in one god)
Ultimate goal of Hinduism?achieving Moksha (becoming one with the Brahman)
What is the Mandate of Heaven? Divine right to rule (the gods support the ruler)
Legalism's main virtue was?order
How was Athenian Democracy limited?only land owning men could be citizens and vote
What did Alexander the Great do?spread Hellenistic culture
What did the Gupta Golden Age give us?the decimal system and concept of zero
Democracy means?people can vote
Cuneiform was?one of the earliest systems of writing
The Confucian idea of Filial Piety taught what?loyalty to family and respect of elders
Who was one of the most influential Chinese Philosophers?Confucius
What is being reborn into a new body?Reincarnation
In Hinduism what is a Caste?how you are socially grouped based on occupation (job)
Monsoons are?Seasonal Winds
Confucius goal was to? Maintain order
The Founder of Buddhism is ?Siddhartha Guatama
The Gupta Dynasty is famous for?its Golden Age
What are signs of an organized government?grid pattern streets and good infrastructure
How was Sparta compared to AthensMore Strict, people had no voice
What cultures made up Mesopotamia and the Fertile Crescent Sumer, Babylon, and Assyria