Global History and Geography Part 1 Day 1

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Question Answer
What is an Archaeologist? A person who studies what is left of ancient civilizations
Describe Hunters and Gatherers Nomabic people who move from place to place hunting food and forraging (searching) for it
What is an Anthropologist? A person who studies culture and civilization (family structure, legends, festivals)
What is culture?A way of life
What was important about the Neolithic Revolution? People went from hunting and gathering to living in one place farming and domesticating animals
What geographic feature did early civilizations start near?rivers
What are the major pieces of civilization?Organized Government / Religion, System of Writing, Building of Cities, and Job Specialization
what event marked the rise of civilizations?the rise of cities
Cultural Diffusion is the sharing/ exchange of ideas between cultures
What causes cultural diffusionWar, Trade, The Movement of People, and Contact between people
What is environment? the area surrounding people and where they live
What is a geographic barrier?any feature (mountians, deserts, rainforests) that keeps people from moving into or out of an area or isolate them from each other
What do traditional economies rely on?agricultural goods and farming
Where did the first people come from?The African Rift-Valley
The development of farming did what?caused people to settle down in permanent places
What is a primary source?A document created in the time period it describes, written by someone who was there
What is a secondary source?A document that is created to describe events that occured at a different time, written by someone who was not there
What are the first civilizations generally called?River Valley civilizations

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