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Global development

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Question Answer
Development - MDGs are ethnocentricKingsbury
Development - Programmes should consult local peopleKorten
Development - West's way of exerting dominanceSachs and Esteva
Modernisation - Ladder of developmentRostow
Modernisation - Traditional values hinder developmentParsons
Modernisation - Education, media, urbanisation used to spread valuesHoselitz
Modernisation - Entrepeneur seen as a social deviant in the DWTimmons, Roberts and Hite
Modernisation - Aid stifles free market, encourages kleptocracyBauer
Neo-modernisation - 'Nation-building' to tackle threats like terrorismHuntingdon
Neo-modernisation - 1 billion people too poor to get on ladderSachs
Modernisation - Cannot assume DW will develop as the west didCross
Dependency - World capitalist systemFrank
Dependency - World systems theoryWallerstein
Dependency - Political ideologies in the DW stressed self-relianceHoogvelt
Dependency - Solution is breaking away from the westTimmons, Roberts and Hite
Dependency - Colonialism brings some benefitsGoldthorpe
Dependency - West could have halted the development of NICsBorn
Dependency - Asian Tigers show mobility is possibleAllen and Thomas
Dependency - Development has produced socio-economic apartheidBlack (postmodernism)
Globalisation - 3-tiered structure: bankable, insecure, excludedHoogvelt
Globalisation - McDonaldisation: efficiency, control, calculatability, predictabilityRitzer
Globalisation - Exploitation part of the process, success in Taiwan, VietnamNorberg
Globalisation - "Globalisation has a distinctly American face"Friedman
Globalisation - Liberal democracy and capitalism have proved superiorFukuyama
Globalisation - Not a one-way process (production techniques)Spybey
Globalisation - 'Reverse colonialism' ('latinisation')Giddens
Globalisation - 3 responses: fatalistic, welcoming, resistanceSeabrook
Globalisation - 'Transnational capitalist class', no boundariesSklair
Globalisation - A project for TNCs to increase profitsKlein
Globalisation - 'Global winners' and 'losers' who are left outCohen and Kennedy
Globalisation - Coming to an end: end of cold war, fewer resources, terrorKunsther
TNCs - Take-off stage starts with TNCsRostow
TNCs - Consistent to subsistence farming, consistent wagesFriedman (neo-liberals)
TNCs - Bully poorer countries to exploit resourcesEllwood (marxism)
TNCs - 'Institutional psychopaths', dehumanising, exploitativeBakan
Aid - 'Lord anti-aid', the west developed without itBauer
Aid - Imperialism: usually conditional, SAPS, military supportHayter
Aid - Large-scale, focused aid: 'practical, targeted, measurable'Sachs
Debt - Debt boomerangsGeorge
Debt - West takes greater interest due to globalisation: immigration, economyRiddell
Debt - African debt is self-inflictedCalderis
Debt - Four traps: conflict, resource reliance, bad neighbours, bad governanceCollier
Industrialisation - West practised protectionism during industrialisationChang
Urbanisation - Mega-citiesCohen and Kennedy
Urbanisation - Lumpen-proletariat/ underclass, revolutionary potentialFanon
Urbanisation - Environmental degradation in MexicoEsteva and Austin
Environment - Tension between economic development and environmental concernsElkington
Environment - Deforestation, Borneo and Chile forests will be gone in 30 yearsKingsbury
Environment - Desertification, one-quarter now kept alive by food aid, importsKingsbury
Environment - Global extinction crisis: 816 species in 500 yearsEllwood
Environment - Deforestation a result of debtChakravarty
Environment - Resources running out, DW land more prone to degradation from overuseEhrlich (neo-malthusian)
Environment - "The desperately poor do not make good eco-citizens", ivoryEllwood
War - 'New' and 'old' warsKaldor
War - 'New-style terrorism'Giddens (postmodernism)
War - Globalisation means we take greater interest in conflict abroadDuffield
War - Rape is the norm in conflicts in the DWVan Zeijl
War - Rape in war is about power rather than sexBrownmiller
War - No causal link, but poverty is a risk factorDuffield
War - Weak economy makes government susceptible to military coupsCollier
War - High population, resource depletion lead to anarchy and conflictKaplan (neo-malthusian)
War - War is part of the process of developmentAyoob
War - 'Development in reverse', civil wars 10 times longer than normal onesCollier
War - Development needs stability and securityDuffield
Employment - Informal sector involves "working hard but working poor"Fields
Employment - Economic activity has become globalised, TNCs outsource workPeet and Hartwick
Employment - Delhi call centreMcMichael
Employment - Dual sector economyPeace
Employment - Women are increasingly a resource for capitalismMartell
Employment - Development has pushed women into jobs that have changed their positionPeet and Hartwick
Education - Effect of female literacy on child mortality is hugeMuthi
Education - Educated women 50% more likely to vaccinate kidsSwale
Education - Human capital theoryShultz
Education - The key that unlocked the success of the Asian TigersSen
Education - Inappropriate to impose western systemFriere
Health - The brain drainDodandi and Laporte
Health - Gap in health is due to neo-colonialism: debt, aid, SAPS, pharmocracyMacDonald
Health - The brain drain exacerbates global inequalitiesSharples
Health - 'Healthy is wealthy', correlation between life expectancy and GDPRosling
Population - Modernisation theory neglects colonialism, land monopolised for cash cropsMamdani (dependency theory)
Population - Pets in the west consume more than the average AfricanHayter
Population - Population will outgrow the food supplyMalthus
Population - New Barbarism Thesis: resource depletion, tribalism, anarchyKaplan
Population - "The battle to feed all humanity is over"Ehlrich
Population - Poverty causes high birth rates, children are economic assetsAdamson
Population - People will have insurance children unless questions are answeredCohen and Kennedy
Population - Agriculture naturally keeps up with population growthBoserup
Population - Most Muslims reject contraceptionHarrison (Malthusian solution)
Gender - Birth of girls can lead to human rights abusesVan Der Gaag
Gender - Marginalisation through aid (African agricultural programmes)Boserup (Marginalisation thesis)
Gender - Aid brings concept of 'breadwinner', ignores domestic labourLeonard (Marginalisation thesis)
Gender - Industrial jobs bring "new form of exploitation"Foster-Carter (Exploitation thesis)
Gender - Eco-feminism: women have a special relationship with the environmentShiva
Gender - 'Neo-patriarchy' (Islamic fundamentalism, India)Van Der Gaag

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