Global Development

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Development - MDGS are ethnocentricKingsbury
Development - Programmes should consult localsKorten
Development - Opportunity for west to exert dominanceSachs and Esteva
Modernisation - Process of development (ladder)Rostow
Modernisation - Traditional values hinder developmentParsons
Modernisation - Education + media should spread western valuesHoselitz
Modernisation - Entrepreneur seen as social deviant in developing worldTimmons, Roberts and Hite
Modernisation - Cannot assume the south will develop as the west didCross
Neo-modernisation - 1 billion too poor to get on ladderSachs
Neo-modernisation - 'Nation-building' can break the hold of religionHungtingdon
Modernisation (Neo-liberal) Aid causes kleptocracy and stifles free marketBauer
Dependency - World Capitalist SystemFrank
Dependency - World Systems TheoryWallerstein
Dependency - Colonialism has benefitsGoldthorpe
Dependency - Many political movements stress ideas of anti-colonialismHoogvelt
Dependency - West has not halted development of NICsBorn
Dependency - Exploitation has got worse over timeTimmons, Roberts and Hite
Dependency - Tiger economies show mobility is possibleAllen and Thomas
Gender - 60 million girls are 'missing', human rights abusesVan Der Gaag
Gender - Extremists reject women's rights - imposition of western cultureVan Der Gaag
Gender (MT) - Aid comes with values about labour divisions attachedBoserup
Gender (MT) - TNCs exploit rather than educate womenLeonard
Gender (Eco-feminism) Women more suited to protect natureShiva
Aid/ Debt - 'Debt boomerangs'George
Aid/ Debt - African debt is self-inflictedCalderis
Aid / Debt - 'Practical, targeted, science-based and measurable' aidSachs
Aid / Debt - Four traps for debtCollier
Aid / Debt - 60% of aid is tiedRiddell
Aid / Debt - West takes greater interest in debt due to globalisationRiddell
Aid / Debt - (Neo-liberal) West did not need aid to developBauer
Aid/ Debt (Neo-Marxist) Aid is a form of neo-colonialismHayter
War - 'New' and 'old' warsKaldor
War - Two-thirds of poorest countries at war. Hinders developmentDuffield
War - Globalisation means conflict abroad affects westDuffield
War - Link between conflict and criminality and corruptionCollier
War (Modernisation) - War is part of development processAyoob
War (Feminism) - Sexual violence is the normVan Zeijl
War (Feminism) - Rape in war is about powerBrownmiller
Population - Many Muslims reject contraceptionHarrison
Population - Pets consume more than average AfricanHayter
Population (Malthusian) - Population will outgrow food supplyMalthus
Population (Malthusian) - New Barbarism Thesis. Urbanisation, anarchyKaplan
Population (Neo-malhusian) - Battle to feed all humanity is overElrich
Population (Social theory) - Poverty means people have more childrenAdamson
Population (Social Theory) - People have questions about their futureCohen and Kennedy
Education - Female education reduces child mortalityMuthi
Education - The brain drainDodandi and Laporte
Education - More practical to educate women than menHedley
Education - Educated women 50% more likely to vaccinate kidsSwale
Education (Modernisation) - Development of Asian TigersSen
Education (Modernisation) - Human Capital TheoryShultz
Education (Modernisation) - Can spread western valuesHoselitz
Education (Dependency) - Inappropriate to impose western valuesFriere
Environment - Earth's resources will not stand current population growthEhrlich
Environment - Global extinction crisis - 800 species in 500 yearsEllwood
Environment - The poor don't make good eco-citizensEllwood
Environment - Deforestation is the biggest environmental issueKingsbury
Environment - Deforestation is a result of debtChakravarty
Urbanisation - Lumpen-proletariat has revolutionary potentialFanon
Urbanisation - 3 times as many city dwellers in developing world: Cohen and Kennedy
Question Answer
Urbanisation - All but 3 mega-cities are in the developing worldCohen and Kennedy
Urbanisation - Cities are catalysts for modernisationCross
Urbanisation - Dual-sector economyPeace
Urbanisation - Environmental degradation in MexicoEsteva and Austin
Employment - Economic activity has become globalisedPeet and Hartwick
Employment - Dubai call centresMcMichael
Employment - Women increasingly a resource for capitalism: Martell
Employment - Informal sector - "working hard but working poor" - Fields
Question Answer
Health - Correlation between wealth and life expectancyRosling
Health - Brain drain exacerbates health inequalitiesSharples