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Define HealthA state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.
What is the focus of MedicineIts main focus is the health of individuals.
What is the domain of medicineHousehold and Individuals
What is the main focus of Public HealthIts main focus is the health of the population.
What is the domain of Public HealthWorld, World Regions, Nations, State/Providence, Community, Households
How do Medicine and Public Health overlapBoth make important contributions to global health, but public health play an especially important role b/c it is population focus.
What are the other common names for Global HealthTransnational Health and International Health (International Health being the most common used)
What phenomenon has caused a boom in the spread of infectious disease across boardersModern transportation
Why is the topic of global health so importantit help communities ,nations, and the world to prepare to respond appropriately to emergent health concerns
Before the 20th century what similar health profile did high and low income nations have in commonHigh birth rates, high death rates, short life expectancies
During the 20th century what occurred durning the economic boom in high income countriesLower birth weight, lower death rates and long life expectancies
As a result of the economic transition in high income countries, what was the burden of the health changesChronic disease often associated with over nutrition
During the 20th century what occurred health wise in lower income nationsNo dramatic change occurred in health profile, changes only observed in middle-income areas.
Type of transition in which a shift toward lower birth an death rate occurs as the population move from poor to richDemographic Transition
The type of transition in which education, technology, economic growth reduce the birth ratesFertility Transition
Often following the demographic transition, the social economic status of the nation improves. What medical shifts are often observed and what type of transition is it calledEpidemilogic transition, a shift from infectious disease to chronic (NCD)
What is the goal of Public HealthIt is not to prevent disease, it is to prevent premature death and promote long and healthy lives.
The burden of disease fall to what age group in pre-transition population vs. to what age group in post transition populationThe stress of Pre-transition populations fall on the young and the burden of post transition population fall on the old.
Define Nutrition TransitionIt is the shift in dietary consumption and energy expenditure that coincides with economic, demographic, and epidemiological changes.
Why are children in high risk with Nutrition TransitionStarchy foods are their staples and are energy dense but lack vitamin and minerals
Another name for Lifestyle diseaseModifiable Disease(behavioral risk factors) can be addressed through individual and public health initiatives.
Define etiologyIt is the cause of a particular disease or the risk factor for it
Define Risk Factoran exposure or characteristic that increases the likelihood of developing a particular disease
When there are multiple contributors to a health problem, what steps must take place to find a solutionA multilevel path (multi levels of prevention)

Levels of Prevention

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What are the three levels of PreventionPrimary, Secondary and Tertiary
AKA Primary PreventionPrevention , Prevent disease from ever occurring
AKA Secondary PreventionEarly Diagnosis , Early detection non-symtomatic
AKA Tertiary PreventionTreatment, Rehabilitation , symptomatic disease
Give example of Primary PreventionVaccine, supplements, Prenatal vitamins
Give example of Secondary PreventionScreenings, Checking blood pressure
Given example of Tertiary PreventionChecking for foot problem on persons with DM, PT for stroke patient, OT for MVA personal to prevent deformity

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