Glial Cells

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Question Answer
Myelinate axons in CNSOligodendrocytes
Can branch and myelinate more than one axonoligodendrocytes
myelinate axons in PNSSchwann cells
can only myelinate one segment of a single axon at a timeschwann cells
derived from neural crestschwann cells
Important in physical and nutritional support of neuronsastrocytes
Contribute to blood brain barrierastrocytes
Expanded end feet attache to endothelial cellsastrocytes
Participate in controlling ionic and chemical environment of neurons (blood brain barrier)astrocytes
Forms scar tissue in damaged areasastrocytes
Characterized by glial filaments and glycogenastrocytes
Name the two types of astrocytes:1. protoplasmic 2. fibrous
Phagocytic cells of the adult CNS that is part of MPSmicroglia
small elongated cells with short irregular processesmicroglial cells
involved with inflammation and repair microglia
low columnar epithelial cells that line ventricles of brain and central canal of scependymal cells
ciliated to move csfependymal cells
tunycytesependymal cell found in wall of third ventricle