Glaucoma, opthalmics, and otics

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suspensionsshake well
ointmentsapply to conjunctival sac or over lid margins. ointments will make vision blurry and are not used with contact lenses
gelsinvert and shake once to get medicine into the tip before instilling into eye
right ear, left ear, each earAD, AS, AU
right eye, left eye, each eyeOD, OS, OU
more common type of gluacomaopen-angle is most commonly treated with eye drops and in some cases surgery.
these are best for glaucoma, safe, and used once dailyprostaglandin analogs. unless just one eye then might use beta blocker first since don't want eyelash thickening/darkening only one eye!
drugs that can increase IOPcough/cold/motion sickness meds (antihistamines), anticholinergics, chronic corticosteroids, topamax
two clases used for glaucoma. other ones are add onbeta blockers and prostaglandin analogs
timolol 0.25% and 0.5% ( gel= timolol GFS, timoptic, gel=timoptic-XE)beta blocker for gluacoma. slight burning/stinging
beta blocker eye drops and prostaglandin analogs and soft contact lensespreservative benzalkonium chloride absorbed by contacts. wait 15 mins before inserting lenses. can make discolored!
travatan Ztravoprost....prostaglandin analog for glaucoma.
lumiganbimatoprost...prostaglandin analog for glaucoma.
xalatanlatanoprost...prostaglandin analog for galucoma.
prostaglandin analogs warnings and side effectsdarkening of iris and eyelashes. eyelash length and number can increase. blurred vision, stinging.
travatan Z differenceno BAK. has different preservative. there is one that has no preservative= tafluprost
eye drops counselingtilt head back, use finger pull down eyelid, squeeze one drop make sure not touching eye or eyelid, close your eye after drop and press finger between eye and top of nose for a minute so that more stays in the eye and less SE.
trusopt and cosopt dorzolamide and dorzolamide + timolol. carbonic anhydrase inhibitor glaucoma. formulation with timolol included
dorzolamide be careful of what allergysulfonamide allergy due to risk of systemic exposure
alphagan P and combiganbrimonidine and brimonidine + timolol. adrenergic alpha 2 agonist.
if need to take more than one gluacoma medicine=wait at least 5-10 minutes to put the second in eye. if gel then do other one first then gel after 10 mins.
latanoprost storage=unopened bottles in fridge!
timolol pts cuation=avoid in patients asthma, COPD, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, or advanced cardiac disease.
timolol dispensing drops in Ocudose dispenser= unscrew cap as indicated by arrows, invert bottle and press lightly with thumb over finger push area until drop disepnsed in eye
inflammation for conjuntivitis (pink eye) treatmentNSAID eye drops (if mild) or steroid eye drops (more severe). artificial tears can help with a gritty feeling and dryness.
allergic conjunctivitis can useanthistamine eye drops
loteprednol (alrex)steroid eye drop
prensolone acetate (pred forte)steroid eye drop
blepharitis inflamed and irritated and itchy eyelids.
blepharitis treatmentgentle washing and compresses warm over eye few minutes then use warm moist washcloth plus few drops baby shampoo to wipe debris away.
eye drops can be used in ear but ear drops never used in the eyes!
Debroxear wax removal sometimes used every 4-8 weeks as preventative. tilt head sideways and instill 5-10 drops twice daily 4 days