Glaucoma Drugs

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Question Answer
beta blockers MoAprevent aqueous humor synthesis
acetazolamide MOAstops carbonic anhydrase so it can't make aqueous humor
epinephine brimoidine (alpha 2) MOAdecrease aqueous humor production by vasoconstricting
alpha blockers MOAconstricts arteries to stop aqueous humor production
contraindication for alpha blocker?close angle glaucoma (causes mydriasis)
side effects of alpha blockersmydriasis,blurry vision, ocular hyperemia, foreign body sensation, allergic reactions, ocular pruritis
latanoprost MOAincreases aqueous humor drainage
darkens color of irislatanoprost
latanoprost is a PGF2alpha
direct cholinomimeticspilocarpine and carbachol
MoA of chinomimeticsincrease aqueous humor DRAINAGE by constracting ciliary muscle and opening trabecular meshwork
drug used in emergenciespilocarpine (helps open up meshwork into canal of Schlemm)
side effects of cholinemimeticsmiosis and cyclospasm

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