GIT Drugs

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Section 1

Question Answer
pirenzipine M antagonist
omeprazole PPI
sucralfatecytoprotective agent: polymer of aluminium and sucrose
cimetidineH2 receptor antagonist
ranitidineH2 receptor antagonist
misoprostolcytoprotective agent: analogue of PGE1
bismuthcytoprotective: bind to ulcer base and protect mucosa, stimulate PG and bicarbonate release.
aluminium hydroxideantacids
magnesium hydroxide antacids
sodium bicarbonate antacids
metoclopramidestimulate git motility: D2 antagonist
Domperidonestimulate git motility: Peripheral D2 antagonist
cisapridestimulate git motility
hyoscineantiemetic drug (vc, vn)M antagonist: motion sickness se: anticholinergic side effects
cyclizineantiemetic (vn): H1 antagonist :motion sickness. se:sedation
ondansetronanti emetic (ctz visceral afferents): 5HT3 receptor antagonist. se: constipation, headache
Nabilonedelta9 THC analogue act through CB receptor

Section 2

Question Answer
omeprazole side effects (3)diarrhoea, flatulence, nausea
cimentidine se 8inhibit cytp450, antiandrogenic activity, confusion, drowsiness, headache, rash, diarrhea
al hydroxide 1constipation
misoprostole 2diarrhoea, uterine contraction
mag hydroxide 1diarrhoea
sodium bicarbonate 1alkalosis
metaclopramide 1extrapyramidal side effects
domperidone 1increase prolactin secretion
cisapride 1fatal cardiac arrythmia