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who suffers more from cleft lipmales
who suffers more from cleft palate?females
3 C's of esophageal atresiacoughing, choking, cyanosis
pyloric stenosis S/Sprojectile vomiting; olive shaped mass in RUQ;
intusussesception S/Sjelly like stools; sausage shape abdominal mass
gastroschisis occurs onone side or the other of the umbilical ring, not in umbilical ring
omphalocele occursin the umbilical ring inside a sac
diaphragmatic hernia s/sbarrel-shaped chest;sunken abdomen; dyspnea; cyanosis; bowels heard in chest
Megacolons other nameHirschsprung's disease
what does Hirschsprung's disease lack?ganglion cells
when does NEC usually occur?after first 2 weeks of life
what will you see with NEC?bowel loops
where does appendictis occur?RLQ
S/S appendicitisrigid abdomen; N/V; pain
Appendicitis management includescold; reposition; meds; surgery
is the BRAT diet used for diarrhea?no
What involves the entire GI tract?Crohns disease
What involves only the colon?Ulcerative colitis
is there blood present with ulcerative colitis?yes
what cures ulcerative colitis?surgery; removal of colon
ulcerative colitis diet includesno milk; low fiber & residue; high protein
celiac disease diet includesno rye, wheat, barley or oats; replace with corn and rice
constipation dietbarley cereal, fructose, lactulose, high fiber

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