GI Drugs

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"tidine" / "dine"H2 blockers ("take H2 blockers before you dine". Table for 2 to remember H2")
"prazole"proton pump inhibitors; bind to H/K APTase in parietal cells; irreversible
Side effects of CimetidineC = CYP-450 inhibitor. Crosses to CNS. Creatinine decrease.
which H2 blockers decreases renal excretion of creatinineRanitidine (r=renal); Cimetidine (c = creatinine)
Side effect of PPIs Risk of C-diff infection. Decreased magnesium with long time use (risk of hypocalcemia). PNA.
AntacidHYPOkalemia. slows gastric emptying, decrease pH affecting other drugs.
Aluminium hydroxide(antacid) "aluMINIMUM feces = constipation"; brittle bones
calcium carbonate(antacid) hypercalcemia (milk-alkali syndrome); can chelate and decrease effectiveness of other drugs
Magnesium hydroxide(Diarrhea) (Mg2=Must Go 2 poop); cardiac arrest. Also a osmotic laxative
Bismuth, sucralfate: mechanismphysical barrier protecting ulcer to allow bicarb/mucus to reestablish pH in mucous layer; needs acidic environment. Contraindicative with PPIs or H2 blockers
What do you give for traveler's diarrhea and ulcer healingbismuth, sucralfate
MisoprostolPGE1 (prostaglandin) analog. tx NSAID-induced ulcers. side note: can also induce labor.
What do NSAIDS blockPGE1 production.
OctreotideSomatostatin analog. Inhibits digestive secretions, including CKK (risk of cholelithiasis)
Sulfasalazineantibacterial (sulfapyridine) and anti inflammatory (5-aminosalicyclic acid) effects, activated by colonic bacteria; tx Ulcerative colitis, Chron's
agonist to mu receptors - how do they affect the gut?slow gut motility and increase secretion. can cause constipation.
Loperamidemu receptor agonist
Diphenoxylatemu receptor agonist
OndansetronControl vomiting; 5HT3 antagonist (decrease vagal stimulation)
Ondansetron - side effectsprolonged QT, serotonin syndrome, HA, constipation
Metaclopramideincrease gut motility. D2 receptor antagonist
MetaclopramideParkinsonian effects, tar dive dyskinesia. Contraindicated in patients with small bowel obstruction or Parksinson's. Do not give with digioxin, DM agents
Orlistatinhibits gastric and pancreatic lipase (decrease breakdown and absorption of dietary fats) For weight loss
Orlistat - side effectsSteatorrhea. decrease in fat soluble vitamin
Psylliumbulk forming laxatives
methylcellulosebulk forming laxative
magnesium causes what to the GI systemcauses diarrhea. therefore, used as a osmotic laxative
What does lactulose do and treat?Lactulose is an osmotic laxative. also treats hepatic encephalopathy (gut flora degrades this Rx into acidic metabolites that promotes nitrogen excretion)
polyethylene glycolosmotic laxative
Difference between osmotic and bulk forming laxativesbulk forming laxatives are soluble fibers. Osmotic laxatives provide osmotic load. Both pulls water into the gut.
Sennaenteric nerve stimulation to promote colon contraction
DocusateEmollient that increases water absorption in stool (stool softener)
Naloxegelmu receptor antagonist. tx constipation from opiod use.
Aprepitantantiemetic. substance P antagomist (Block NK1 receptors in brain) to treat vomiting and nausea