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Question Answer
Thoracic or Abdominal Increased risk because harder to mobilize secretions through activity. hard to motivate because of pain
Communication Decreased senses, hearing loss, impaired vision
Combating communication Face to face, large dark letters, what ear do they hear out of best
Decreased respiratory function Decreased vital capacity, tidal volume, pulmonary reserve, increased risidual volume
More likely to have... Ventilator, atelectasis, pneumonia
Combat pneumonia & atelectasis Up and moving, incentive spirometry, cough and deep breathe, give pain meds before
Cardiovascular considerationsBP and blood volume not as responsive, less powerful and ability to push oxygen
Heart block Increase risk of MI, postpone 6 months
Heart failure - AssessSOB, DOE, JVD, lung sounds (crackles), edema

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Question Answer
Renal problems Renal perfusion decreases, incontinence, retention, UTI
Decreased liver function Drug toxicity, monitor kidney and liver function, Be aware of overdose!!
DVT Increased risk with anesthesia, longer surgeries, obese
DVT nursing actions ROM, Ambulate, Meds
Co morbidities more likely Monitor, assess, intervene, maintain

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