Geometry Vocabulary -Abigail Perez

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Question Answer
Circumference c=2 pi r /c=pi d/length =cm/m /in/ft /units
Area Of A Square A= s 2/ L x W/ B x H / units2 /cm2/ in2/m2/ft2
Area of rectangle A=L x W /BxH /units2 /cm2/in2/ft2/m2
Area of triangle A= 1/2 BH (base+height +have to meet @90 degrees) units2 /cm2/in2/ft2/m2
Area of Parallelogram A= B x H( base +height + have to meet@ 90 degrees)units2/cm2/ in2/ ft2/ m2
Area of trapezoid A=1/2 HCB +B/B1 +B2 have to be parallel (but have to 90 degrees)
Area of A circle A=pi r 2/units2 /cm2/m2/in2/ft2
RadiusLine segment from the edge of the circle to the center of the circle /r=1/2 d
Vertical angles -2 angle s that are oppiste /share the same measurements
Adjacent angle2 angle s that are next to each other share o vertex
Diameter line segment from edge to edge going through the center of the circle /d=2r
Supplementary angles 2 angels st hat when added equal 90 degrres
Volume of a cube vol.=L x W x H 53
Complemtry 2 angle s that when added equal 90 degrees