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What are some textile uses?38% womens, mens, children's clothing, 27 % home furnishings, 8 % floor coverings, 23 % industrial uses, 4 % export
What are primary sources of textiles?mills or converters, make create the materials,
What are some secondary sources of textiles? jobbers or retailers, selling the materials
What are Mills?manufacture fabric, produce yarns apply finishes, woven & knitted fabrics, north & south carolina
What are converters?link between mill & manufacturer, buy greige goods from mill, dye print & finish
What is an Direct Importer?buys finished textile products
What is an import mill?creates finished fabrics offshore, imports them to the U.S.
What are Jobbers?buys fabrics from mills and converters, deal in small quantities, take mill overruns
What are Retailers? sells to ultimate consumer, some major stores, lots of small mom & pop stores
What are the 5 elements in production of fabrics?fibers, yarns, structure, color, finish
What are the two categories in fibers?Natural, Manufactured
What are the natural thing that come from a plant?cotton, flax, hemp
What are the natural things that come from animals?wool, silk, cashmere, angora, mohair
What is Manufactured fibers ?chemically produced, rayon , polyester, acrylic, nylon
What are yarns?group of fibers twisted together
What are spun or staple yarns?short fibers twisted or spun to hold them together
What are filament yarns?continuous strands of fibers
What are two major methods of turning yarn into fabric? Weaving, Knitting
Examples of weaving?Blouses, jeans
Examples of Knitting? tshirts, sweatshirts
What are nonwovens?no yarn produced first, felting or bonding
What are the steps to coloring fabrics?stock dyeing, yarn dyeing, piece dyeing, printing fabrics
What is stock dyeing?fibers dyed prior to spinning
What is yarn Dyeing?prior to weaving
What is piece Dyeing?fabrics dyed, garment dyeing, entire garment
What is printing fabrics?screen printing, roller printing , heat transfer printing
What is the final treatment of fabric?enhance performance & aesthetics, shrink resistant, stain resistant, water repellent, permanent press
What are the industry segments?Textiles, manufacturing, retailing
What is the traditional supply chain?raw materials, intermediary producer, end use producer or manufacturer, wholesaler or distributor, retailer, consumer
What goes under Manufacturing?Actual production, costing
What does costing mean in manufacturing?cost for everything added in total cost of producing a product
What dooes costing include?materials, labor, transportation, distribution
What is the wholesale price?price the manufacturer charge their customer, must cover manufacturer business expenses such as rent,utilities, salaries, and must provide a profit
What is the retail price?price store charges customer, cover expenses, provide a profit
What does wholesale price equal?retailers cost
What is the formula for retail price?Retailers cost + expenses + profit = retail price
What is the importance of setting prices?goal of any business is to make a profit, manufacturers and retailers must make profit
What is outsourcing?subcontracting part of production to another company, using resources outside of a company, contractor
What are the 3 types of outsourcing?onshore, offshore, nearshore
What is onshore outsourcing?domestic contractors
What is offshore outsourcing?overseas contractors
What is near shore outsourcing?neighboring country
What is an Domestic Contractor?usually cant compete with offshore due to price/ cost,
Why does higher domestics cost?because of unions, labor shortages, increasing expenses
What are the Offshore pros?lower labor costs, can be highly skilled, acquiring materials, better technology, workforce displacement, bad effect on economy, increase in global travel, delivery times, local customs, miscommunication
What is retailing in industry segments?sellings goods to customers, must select merchandise to meet customer needs
What are the different things merchandise offered at?different price points, different level of customer service, different types of stores
What are classifying retailers?based on merchandise assortment and method of operation
What merchandise do Department Stores include?wide range of merchandise, defined areas of departments, soft goods, hard goods
What are soft goods?apparel
What are hard goods?furniture, appliances, electronics
What is the main store called?flagship
What are the features of an Department Store?collection merchandising, leased departments
What is collection merchandising?merchandise not grouped by category, grouped by designer
What is leased Departments?rented to outside companies, cosmetics, fine jewelry, operate separately from store
What is the largest department store in the U.S.?Macys
How many macys are in the world?800
How many Bloomingdales are there?37
What main department stores do London have?harrods, Marks & spencer
What main department stores do paris have?priintemps, bon marche
What are specialty Stores?focus on 1 merchandise classification, examples, Victoria Secret, Baby, Gap, Journeys
What are chain stores?2 or more stores under same management, may carry their own brand, called private brands or store branches, only available at their store example, gap, victoria secret
What are Boutiques?one unit operation, upscale fashion forward merchandise, higher level of customer service
What are Designer Boutiques?carry designer name merchandise, can carry more merchandise assortment, many feature entire collection
Why are Designer Boutiques developed?Because department stores may have limited space and competition with other designers
What are subspeciality shops?restricted to product, very narrow
What are examples of subspeciality shops?The knot shop- ties, Lids- caps
What are offshore retailers?sell name brand merchandise at discount, typically 30-40% less than department stores
What are examples of offshore retailers?tj maxx, ross, Burlington, marshalls, nordstrom rack
What type of merchandise do factory outlets hold?overruns seconds, damages, slow moving or out of date merchandise
Who are factory outlets usually operated by?manufacturer or designer, department or specialty store
What are category killers?1 type of merchandise, dominate a specific category , offer customers a larger assortment, better prices
What are examples of category killers?petsmart, staples, toys r us, barnes & noble
What are mass merchandise discounters?broad variety of merchandise, one stop shopping limited service, low prices
What are examples of Mass merchandise Discounters?walmart, kmart, target
What are online retailers?customer convenience, click & mortar
What are clicks & mortar?traditional store with website or brick & clicks
What are E-tailers?iinternet only company
What are examples of E-Tailers?ebay, amazon, overstock
Where are retailer locations?Downtown, shopping malls, strip center
What is usually downtown?flagship department stores, boutiques
When was the 1st enclosed mall built?1956
What is sustainability?the ability to meet the needs of the present without compromising needs of the future, renewable resources
What is environment sustainability?green movement, "green" companies, reuse, reduce, recycle
What is the green movement?concern for the environment, green consumers,
What are green consumers?show environment concerns through purchase behavior
How many americans in 2013 considered the environment when they shop?71%
What are envronmental issues?packaging of consumer products, disposal of clothing & other textiles in landfills
how much waste material is post consumer textiles?5% , equal to 8 billion lbs annually
What are some green practices by consumers?buying recyclable materials, using reusable shopping bags, avoid buying products with "to much packaging" , using energy saving light bulbs
What is ecolst?eco friendly gifts & accessories, recyles candy wrappers food packages, pull tabs, billboards
What is splaff flops?recyled race car tires, bicycle inner tubes
What is the Green Seal of Approval ?products that cause less harm to environment
What is sustainable fashion?a product is created and produced with consideration to the environmental & social impact it may have
What is sustainable clothing?fabrics derived from eco- friendly resources. sustainability grown fiber crops or recycled materials
What is organic cotton?little or no chemical fertilizers, no pesticides, expensive increased labor
What is foxfibre?created by sally fox, 1st naturally colored cotton fiber, shades of freens & browns, no dyes
What is Lyocell?from harvested wood pulp, recycable & biodegradable
What are the different types of corn based fibers?ingeo, sorona from dupoint
What is Soy?from the nulls of soybeans, a manufacturing by product, can be blended
What is hemp?8 times stronger than cotton, 4x as durable
What is patagonia made from?ecospun, 25 2 liter soda bottles= 1 garment
What us furnature?no chemicals, dyes, toxins, organic products
What are bean products?organic and hemp furniture
What is urban Woods?reclaimed wood, eco-friendly materials & environmentally conscious manufacturing
What is the purpose of sustainable design?eliminate negative environmental impact through nonrenewable resources
What is sustainable interior design?desigining physical object the built environment & services to comply with the principles of sustainability
What are the principles of sustainable design?low impact materials, "green materials" , recycled or reclaimed materials , energy efficient, native landscaping
What is sustainable architecture?reduce environmental impacts, during production of building components and during construction process
What is the Green building?environmentally responsible & resource efficent,throughout a buildings life cycle
What is LEED?Leadership in energy & environmental design
What does LEED rcognize?sustainable sites, water efficency, energy atmopshere, materials& resources, indoor envrionmental quality
How do you get LEED certification?by u.s. green building council
when did LEED start?2000
What do leed buildings have?lower operating costs, less greenhouse gas emissions, less waste sent to landfills, energy & water conservation

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