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population of canada isdecreasing because of people leaving from quebec
natality rateb / p * 1000
croissance pointrates of birth = rates of death
primary languagelanguage of someone's community
recensementsurvey of the detailed needs of canadians
ethique cartierurban zone reserved for a culture
natural accroisementrate of death vs born
what makes a country diversei c p
what is the "baby boom"a sudden increase of population
points systema test that uses points to see if somebody should immigrate into a country
3 patron of populationslinear. road. corlinear alake. concentrated. resource.
how do you use choroplethe map for businessuse information to find the products most needed and sell more of it
3 types of immigrationsfamily independant and refugee
good and bad things about immigrationgood. diversity, young people and more jobs completed bad. more taxes, more crime
patron of distributionthe way that population is distributed across an area
good and bad things about diversitydifferent cultures and more ideas
causes of "baby boom"economy and natality rates
reasons why retire people is good/badgood. more jobs and less crime bad. more taxes and worse economy
3 forces that attract vs repel a person from countryattract. safety, free speech and more jobs repels. religion and killing

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