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Relict mountainArawali range
Vindhya range is between riversNarmada and Son
Gir mountains are located in which regionKathiawar region of Gujarat
Vedic Name of Weatern GhatShyadris
Mahadeo hills are located in stateMP
Ajanta & Satmala hills are located in stateMaharashtra

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Bhorghat pass in stateMaharashtra
Thalghat pass in stateMaharashtra
Palghat in stateKerala
Shenkota pass in stateKerala
Anaimudi peak in stateKerala
Rajmahal hills in stateWB

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One of the oldest mountain of worldAravalis
Blue mountan Nilgiri hills
Block mountain in indiaNilgiri hills
8 to 16 km wide strips along foothills of himalayas between Indus and TistaBhabar
It contains pebbles and stanesBhabar
Marshy tract and zone of excessive dampness with thick growth of forestTerai
Older alluviumBhangar
Found in upper reach of river valleysBhangar
Plains contains kankar and are less fertileBhangar

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Younger alluviumKhadar
Plains along river banks contains clayKhadar
Very fine alluvial soils, very fertile and suitable for jute and riceDeltaic plain
Bist doab(most fertile) is between riverBeas and Sutlej
Konkan coast is in stateMaharashtra
Cannara coast in stateKarnataka coast
Malabar coast in stateKerala
Largest backwater lake in KeralaVembanad

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Coromandal coast in stateTN
Northern Circar CoastOrissa and WB
Utkal PlainMahanadi delta
Channel separates Andaman gp from Nicobar gpTen Degree Channel
Passage separates Little Andaman from South AndamanDuncan Passage
Port Blair located inSouth Andaman
Indra Point located inGreat Nicobar

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Non active volcanic IsNarCONDOM
Largest Is of Lakshadweep gpMini Coy
Nine Degree Channel separatesMini Coy from rest Laksha.
Channel separates Laksha. from MaldivesEight Degree Channel
Newmoore Is in Bay of Bengal

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