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Arctic circle is in north
Tropic of Cancer is innorth
Zones from equator to polestorrid, temperate, frigid
arctic circle coordinate66.5 N
Tropic of Cancer coordinate23.5 N
Prime Meridian passes throughGreenwich
Prime Meridian value0 deg meridian
International date line curves from normal 180 deg meridianin mid-pacific at Bering Strait, Fiji, Tonga
Time zones in USA5
The axis of earth is inclined at 66.5 deg toplane of earth's orbit

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on 21 March & Sept sun is vertically overheads atequator
on 21 June sun is vertically overheads atTropic of Cancer
on 22 Dec sun is vertically overheads atTropic of Capricon
Star nearest to sunProxima Centauri
Sun is center of solar system, who saidCopernicus

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Latitudinal extent of India8 to 37 N
Longitudinal extent of India68 to 97 E
Southern -most point of IndiaKanyakumari or Cape Camorin/ Indra point or Pugmallion point
Other names of Mt K2Godwin Austin, Qagir
Longest Canal in IndiaIndira Gandhi canal or Rajasthan Canal

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Coldest Place in IndiaDrass in J&K
Hottest Place in IndiaBriyawali in Bikaner
Mawsynram is in Meghalya
Largest Riverine IslandMajuli Is in river Brahm. in Assam
india touches how many countries7
Which state touches maximum statesUP, 8

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French colony was in Pondicherry
UT of Pondicherry consists how many districts4- PK MaY
Orbit speed of earth30km/s
Which pole is coolestSouth
Which country touches max countriesChina
Coldest place of worldVostak Station in Antarctica
Research Station on North Pole H

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