Geography- Weather

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Question Answer
Define weatherDay to day variation of atmospheric conditions
Define climateAnnual average of precipitation + temperature over a long period of time
What are weather's main componentsAir temp., air pressure and precipitation
Correlation between latitude and temp.Greater the latitude, the colder it is
Correlation between altitude and temp.The greater the altitude, the colder it is because you are further away from the ground which radiates heat
Describe continentalityThe ocean cools and heats more slowly than land as fluids have greater specific heat capacity than solids. Places near the ocean heat + cool more slowly so have small temp. range
Define angle of insolationThe angle between the horizon and the position of the sun in the sky
Correlation between latitude and angle of insolationThe greater the latitude, the smaller the angle of insolation
Correlation between angle of insolation and temp.The smaller the angle of insolation, the colder it is