Geography Semester Test 1

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Section 1

Question Answer
What is found by using latitude and longitudeabsolute location
Africas rift valley is an example of thisvolcanism
what faith has a caste systemHinduism
who is the founder of the islamic faithMohammad
what kind of water is only 3% of the world's totalfreshwater
a term for countries that have the highest standard of livingdeveloped countries
the most violent stormstornadoes
this theme answers the question where is itlocation
the earths surface and the ocean basinhydrosphere
this organizations goal is to reduce global populationZPG

Section 2

Question Answer
oil and coal are examples of thisfossil fuels
this makes south dakota warmer in the winterel nino
the government makes all economic decisioncommand economy
this measures distances east and west, these lines begin at the poleslongitude
the worlds fastest growing religionislam
city sacred to three faithsjerusalem
the name of the prevailing winds in the northern hemispherewesterlies
this is tilted at 23 1/2 degreesaxis
an area where cultures begancultural hearth
this is the holy book for the islamic peopleQu'ran
where individuals make economic decisionsmarket economy
this process breaks down rocksweathering
this shows directions on a mapcompass rose
this line of latitude is 23 1/2 southtropic of capricorn
this line of latitude is 23 1/2 northtropic of cancer
if you say you live by the mall you are using thisrelative location

Section 3

Question Answer
this draws all aspects of a culture togetherlanguage
underground lakes are calledaquifer
the number of people in a given areapopulation density
how the himalaya mountains were formedsubduction
belief in one godmonotheism
what is the worlds most practiced religionchristianity
this answers the question: what is it like thereplace
spreading of one culture to anothercultural diffusion
where we get fresh watergroundwater
theme that shows how people and places connectmovement
an example of a renewable resourcewood
the side of the mountain that does not recieve rainfallleeward

Section 4

Question Answer
the worlds most spoken languagechinese
weather over a long period of timeclimate
this occurs on june 21summer solstice
this theme divides the earth into smaller areas for easier studyregion
the worlds second languagespanish
an area that recieves less than 10 inches of rainfall per yeardesert
this occurs on march 21spring equinox
this created the largest amount of lakesglaciation
there are 6.8 billion of these in the world(also could be 7 billion)people
organization of oil producing countriesOPEC
latitudes closest to the equatorsLow---tropics

Section 5

Question Answer
what does the term location meandescribes where places are at one earth
what is the relative location of Baghdad, Iraqbaghdad, iraq is located near Iran, Jordan, and Kuwait
what is the absolute location of Baghdad, Iraq33.3128 degrees N, 44.3615 degrees E
explain the theme placea place is defined by it's unique characterisitics
explain place of SW AsiaSW Asia: Himilaya, Karakorum, and Hindu Kush mountains, indo-gangetic plain, deccan plateau---hinduism, buddhism, and islam are the main religions
explain place of N AfricaN Africa: two rivers(blue nile and white nile), sinai peninsula, main religion is islam, speak mostly arabic
explain the theme human environment interaction the environment and people are interconnected; consequences to those actions depend on how people choose to interact with the world and use their resources
give some examples of human environment interactionchopping down wood, hunting, using land for crops, fishing, destroying land for houses, animals spreading disease
explain the theme movementplaces do not exist in isolation-- interconnectedness of the world changes the way places look
explain the theme regionthe world is divided into different regions based upon similarities and differences
give an example of region for SW Asia significantly overlaps with the middle east
give an example of region for N AfricaAlgeria, egypt, libya, mauritania, morocco, sudan, tunisia, and western sahara

Section 6

Question Answer
what is absolute locationexact location on earth
what is relative locationcompared to other places
describe lines of latituderun left and right(north and south), called parallels, it's most import line is called the equator
describe lines of longituderun up and down(east and west), called meridians, most import line is called prime meridian(goes through Greenwich, England)
Earth is on it's axis at _________ degrees23.5
to present information on a map, geographers use __________charts and graphs
distance, shape, and area all are _______________ on mapsdistortion
what is the great circle routethe shortest route between any two places on a planet
what is a large scale map?a map which depicts a small territory--- a large scale map shows only a small area, but it shows it in great detail
what is a small scale map?a map which depicts a large area--- a small map shows more territory, but is less detailed
what do we call the symbol on a map that shows direction?compass rose
information on a map is called a key or a _________legend

Section 7

Question Answer
how many people live on earth?6.8 billion
what is population densityaverage number of people living in an area
what is a population pyramidan illustration that shows the number of people in a country by age and by sex
what is monotheismbelief in one god
what is polytheismbelief in many gods
who is the founder of buddhism?Siddhartha Gautama
what two religions believe in reincarnation?Buddhism and Hinduism
what religion believes in a caste system?buddhism

Section 8

Question Answer
what climate zone is Sioux Falls, SD in?warm summer/semiarid
What language family is English in?indo-european
how manu threatened bird species are there in Asia?1,500 species
what major religion has experienced the greatest decline in the 20th century?buddhism
what trade group does the US belong to?APEC and NAFTA

Section 9

Question Answer
what is located at 23 1/2 degrees north?tropic of cancer
what is located at 23 1/2 degrees south?tropic of capricorn
sioux falls, located on the big sioux river in eastern south dakota is an example of this kind of locationrelative location
rain, wind, and glaciers wearing away parts of the northern rocky mountains is an example oferosion
the fort randall dam in southern sd is an example of which theme?HEI
to present cities, capitals, mountains, national parks, and all other info on a map geographers usesymbols
the lithosphere includes ____________ and _______________ocean basins and crusts
this type of techtonic activity __________________, created africas rift valley in eastern africadivergent, spreading
mountains can be created when a sea plate collides with a continental plate, this is known as ______________ and an example would be the _________ mountainsSubduction, Andes
the creation of the great lakes and most other natural lakes was caused by _________________glaciation
various elevations and shapes of the earth's surface describes numerous ____________ on earthlandforms
groundwater, for the most part, comes from __________ and __________ that filters through soilrain and snow
which of the following is an developed country? a) pakistan b)india c)japan d)mexicoc) japan
the ______________ latitude zone recieves the same amount of sunlight dailylow
the westerly's blow in the _________latitudesmid
which side of the mountain will wet conditions occur?windward
name an early culture hearthmesopotamia
depending on your parents for food, money, and shelter is known as _________________interdependence
the breaking down of rocks is calledweathering
when birth rate and death rate are the same, __________ occursZPG
_____________ refers the spreading of people, goods, and ideas from one culture to anothercultural diffusion
privately making decisions about what to produce and consume is called __________ economymarket
the second largest number of religious followers isislam
a steppe climate has ________________ inches of precipitation in a year10-20
jerusalem is located in ____________ and is considered sacred by ___ religionsIsrael, 3
this process is money, but it removes salt from seawaterdesalinization
the belief in reincarnation is a characteristic of this religionHinduism
when deforestation occurs _______________ are being destroyedwildlife refugees, natural habitat, ecosystems
el nino causes ___________ winters for SDwarmer
nationalism or patriotism exemplifies ___________ and ____________ to a countryloyalty and devotion