Geography- Population

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Question Answer
Define populationAmount of people in certain area
Define pop. densityAverage no. people in given area
Define CBRNo. live births /1000/year
Define CDRNo. deaths /1000/year
Define natural changeIncrease/decrease per 1000/year- difference between CBR and CDR
Define infant mortality% deaths of 0-1 yr olds per year
Define in/out migrationMovement into/out of region within country
Define immigration/emigrationMovement into/ out of country
What is overpopulationNo. people in area > resources available
What is underpopulationNo. people in area unable to support economy
Equation for dependancy ratioNon economically active (0-14 yrs, Over 65 yrs) / Economically active (15-64 yrs)
3 pull factorsHigh availability of jobs, High wages, High welfare benefits
3 push factorsHigh unemployment, Low wages, Conflict/ war
Case study for rapid growthKenya
Case study for negative growthJapan
Case study for overpopulationNigeria
Case study for underpopulationBotswana
Case study for one child policyChina
Case study for international migration in the EUPoland to Britain
Case study for high pop. densityJapan
Case study for low pop. densityNamibia

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