Geography - Landforms and Water Bodies

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Answer the following

Question Answer
Two chief divisions of the earth's surfaceLand and water
Seven continents in order of their sizesAsia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, Australia
Two continents that lie entirely in the Southern HemisphereAustralia and Antarctica
Benefit of plateausrich sources of minerals
5 oceans of the world in the order of their sizesPacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Southern Ocean and Arctic Ocean
___ fraction of the land area of the earth├Ęs surface is covered by the mountainsone fifth 1#5 th
___ fraction of the land area occupied by the plainsone third 1#3 rd

Find Out

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_________ is the continent that is not permanently inhabitedAntarctica
_________ is the continent that extends into both the hemispheresAfrica
_________ is the deepest ocean of the earthPacific Ocean
_________ is the ocean or sea that encircles the continent of AntarcticaSouthern ocean
_________ is the longest islands of the earthGreenland
___ is a young fold mountain from IndiaHimalayas
_________ is the sea surrounded by Europe, Africa and AsiaMediterranean Sea
___ is the bay that lies to the south-east of IndiaBay of Bengal
___ is a lake which was formed by the movement of the earthNakur in African Rift Valley
___ is the longest river in the worldRiver Nile

Match the following

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AmazonSouth America

Fill up the blanks

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The total area of the Earth s surface is about ___ sq. km.510 million
The land area is divided into ___ and ___continents, islands
Africa is the ___ largest continentsecond
More than half the population of the world lives in ___Asia
Mountain is the highest ___ of the earth.landform
Most of our salt is obtained from the ___ocean

Correct answer

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North America and South America is separated by the Isthmus of ___Panama
Carribean sea is the marginal sea of ___Atlantic Ocean
____ is an artificial lake (Titicaca, Lock Ness, Superior, Govind Sagar)Govind Sagar
Smallest continent is ___Australia
_________ is the mountain that separates Europe from AsiaAlps

Jumbled words

Question Answer
TITNNCEON - The large landmass of the EarthContinent
NCEAO - The vast expanse of salt waterOcean
TANINUOM - A huge landmass that rises high above the surrounding areamountain
YAB - A body of waterBay


Question Answer
ContinentLarge land mass
Islandarea of land of smaller extent than a continent
continent Vs island - watercontinents are not always enabled by water bodies. Islands are enclosed by water bodies from all sides
Ocean Vs Sea - sizeOceans are much larger. Seas are smaller.
Ocean Vs Sea -sdf